You're a Mean One Mr Grenth or
Just Misunderstood, NOT!!

To begin You're a Mean One Mr Grenth you will need to Speak with The Rift Warden, once you have the quest... (article continues below)

Click on yes I am ready to be ported to the underworld. There are 5 gift bundles you will need to find, which is easy because we have the green arrow on the compass to guide you. This is a solo quest so no hero's, no henchmen, or even friends to help you out.

Each of the bundles will have Grentch guarding them. So you will need to take them out with your snowball throwing skills. Once the gifts are clear of mobs stand there till the Stolen Wintersday Gifts bar turns blue. Then head off to the next gift bundle.

Most of the gifts are along the path your headed only the last one will you need to do some back tracking to get too.

The Map

Guild Wars map to You're a Mean One Mr Grenth

Tips to You're a Mean One Mr Grenth

1) Take out the grentch one at a time if you can. If you do need to run they will follow you all the way back, so run till your fort and is recharged and your snow-cone, for a quick easy heal and then take it out.

2) Move slowly through this quest, if you go to fast you may accidentally aggro more of the grentch's than you can handle.

3) Finally once you have secured the last of the presents, a avatar shows up and offers you three choices. Two of which are Ports, the other is a chance to do the Bonus quest. Its a survival quest where the mobs come out 1 at a time but come out faster over time.

Good luck and Have fun

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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