The X Interview : A younger player

The X interview:

A player who is not only a great gamer but also a health freak (ok maybe not so freaky).

X is his gamer tag,

He is younger than 21 in age and is a gamer, one of the finest I have had the honor of playing with.

ok lets begin:

1) What do you think makes a true gamer?

Is a gamer who try's their best at something that they are stuck on and, try's to figure it out before they ask for help. Instead of just asking becuase they had a little trouble with it.

2) What Online games do you play? and what is your favorite profession?

Guild Wars and Perfect World and like the rouge type classes like the assassin in Guild wars.

3) Do you have any tips or strategies for gamers that will help them play better?

Be smart, don't ever give up if you get frustrated take a break, because when you come back fresh you may be able to beat it

4) What is the most important part in your opinion about creating a character in a mmorpg like guild wars?

Try several characters out until you find the profession or class that you enjoy playing. So Find what fits you and what your comfortable with.

5) Lag is a huge problem for some players do you have any tips to beating this?

Umm I don't really have lag so not sure what to do. ( well I do check out this months blog for tips on how to beat lag)

6)What was your best gaming day? and worst?

Every time I achieve a difficult goal i was working on is a great day.

Worst day was trying to beat a mission and just couldn't seem to do it I finally just had to log off from frustration. Then later on I came back to it and beat it.

X interview Specific Questions:

A) I happen to know your into sports do you have a favorite you play?

Swimming or Football

B)Being healthy is important even for gamers. So what are some benefits to being healthy that also help with gaming online?

Being healthy is good for the mind, and so with gaming it helps reaction time, thinking skills, and other brain skills that help you not panic when things seem bad.

C) Any healthy tips you want to share?

Eat right, and try to exercise a hour a day.

So their you have it Eat right get some exercise to play better.

Not sure how to get started? or just looking for more information? For Good information on getting Healthy check out Get Fit Inside and Out With Tina & Bryun. I know Byryun and Tina in person and They both know their stuff.

Also another great site to check out is Find Your Abs

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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