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WoW raiding consumables are often something that many players...

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forget about when raiding, yet they are a essential part of raiding.

When you start playing the raiding content in World of Warcraft, especially at the end-game level, you will need every advantage you can get. WoW raid consumables ensure that you’re set for whatever the game can throw at you.

So a couple of other things before you start going out buying raid consumables you need your talent spec(s) to be just right and have all the necessary gear in place before raiding. You should also have all your gem slots filled, your enchants maxed out and your glyphs topped off.

Why Should We do this before we go buying WoW raid consumables?Without all of that done first the raid consumables will be pretty much worthless and a waste of Gold.

So once you have done all of that you need to stock up on all the WoW raiding consumables that will boost key stats while you are in a fight.

While there are lots of types of consumables, there are only a few different kinds of consumables you’ll need to have in place for your fights. Here is a basic breakdown of each and what you should be looking for:

WoW Raiding Consumables: Potions and Elixirs

Their are many potions and elixirs and when you reach end game and will need many of these from basic mana and health potions (of which the Runic variety is the best currently) to high level guardian and battle elixirs that will boost your key stats in multiple areas.

It is important that you match your elixir needs to which class you are and what stats are most important, As well as your play style.

For example: If you’re a Rogue or Hunter, you would be working on your Agility while Warriors should use the opportunity to cap out things like Defense and Stamina.

WoW Raiding Consumables: Flasks

There are a limited number of useful end-game flasks. These flasks, which last for an hour in a raid and don’t disappear on death, will take the spot of both your battle and guardian elixir on the cooldown. However, these Level 80 Flasks in the game, which include Endless Rage, Pure Mojo, Stoneblood and Frost Wyrm are all highly useful in raiding (even if they are rather expensive).

Here is a listing of each and which classes should have them:

Flask of Endless Rage – Increases Attack Power by 180, This is almost essential to the Melee and Ranged DPS. Many tanks are using this now to help add a little more Dps to fights Since There Hit Points (HP) are so high just off there gear alone.

Flask of Pure Mojo – Increases Mana Regen by 45 MP5, This is mostly used when the fight is going to be especially long mainly by Healing classes though some Ranged Spell Casters will Use it as well.

Flask of Stoneblood – Increases Max Health(HP) by 1300,The extra hit points this gives is very handy for some Tanks. There however has been a shift in this, more tanks are going with the endless now because they have so much Hp do to there gear.

Flask of the Frost Wyrm – Increases Spell Power by 125, If you are a caster or a healer not using this most of the time you are doing yourself a major disservice, this flask increases the amount of Healing or damage you will be doing by a nice chunk.

As you can see, having one of these flasks in a raid can be highly useful for anyone looking to get the upper ground on even the toughest of bosses.

WoW Raiding Consumables: Stat Food

Another category of stat boosting WoW raiding consumables is food. Food comes in many forms and in Northrend is either available as fish based or meat based options. These foods will allow you to boost certain stats according to the type of food being eaten.

In Wrath of the Lich King, more advanced food was added as well which requires special Spices to cook, only obtained through Dalaran Cooking Rewards. These foods will have better returns for those who take them into raids.

On top of all those are Feasts which are made up of multiple different kinds of meat and fish.

WoW Raiding Consumables: Scrolls,Drums,Regents

Though often times these will not be needed there are the rare times when you may be missing a buff that could greatly help you

Lets start with regents, regents are used by certain classes to do many different things like buff. So if you are one of these classes make sure you bring enough to last the entire raid.

Scrolls Are one of my personal favorites, Some times when you are going to be in a raid a specific class that gives a type of buff may be missing. Well scrolls can remedy some of this. Some scrolls are single target a few are raid wide.

example: Your group has no mage for the intellect buff, with a scroll you could give yourself that buff.

Drums are very handy they are a raid wide buff. There are a few different types of drums but 2 in particular that you may want to have with you just in case your missing a druid or paladin, or they have ran out of regents and your group doesn't want to stop for them to get more. The 2 drums are gift of the wild and Forgotten kings. While both of these are weaker than the actual buffs these 2 classes can give they are still handy. Also they can be thrown out if someone died and was rezed in a fight.

What all this comes down to is statistics. Your statistics are incredibly vital to being an effective member of a raid. If you’re serious about boosting your raiding power and really knocking those mobs out of the park, make sure to bring along a good set of WoW raiding consumables - potions, elixirs, flasks, and food. Then maybe some scrolls and drums (just in case) and the regents you can use.

If you do All of this it doesn't guarantee a successful raid, but it will help. Success is based off of skill, communication, and a little luck. All this just makes it a little easier.

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