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WoW Mining is about collecting metals, gems, and stone from veins. You then can sell the raw materials or refine some of it into bars. Mining is used in many professions but the top 3 are Engineering, Black Smithing, and Jewel Crafting. Mining is a great way to make gold in the game even the lowest level metals can be sold for a decent amount of gold.

Before we begin you will need to download the addon Gatherer and GathererDB both can be found at or GathererDB. The reason you want these 2 addons is one tracks the locations of all the mining veins you come across (Gatherer). The other Is a data base that puts all the mining veins found to date in your gatherer so you don't have to find them all (GathererDB) plz follow the instructions for downloading the GathererDB info into your gatherer.

You will need to buy a mining pick before you can mine anything these are fairly cheap and a great investment for the amount of money you will gain, if you are going to be doing skinning along side your mining you may think about getting a gnomeish army knife many high level engineers can make them.

One more thing before you begin mining is if you can afford one of the following enchants do so [Formula: Enchant Gloves - Advanced Mining] or if you are going to be doing 2 gathering professions [Enchant Gloves - Gatherer] which helps all gathering skills. The gathering enchants I suggested to you will make it a little easier for you gather. If you are a engineer there is a [Goblin Mining Helmet] that you can create that will incress your mining as well (mail users only).

The WoW Mining Basics

Each material has a level and you can easily see if the material is within your mining level range by the color it is

Red is too high and you wont be able to mine it.

Orange is a guaranteed skill up (these are always a pick up)

Yellow is almost always a skill up

Green is a chance of skill up

Grey is never a skill up.

Even if something is grey pick it up you can always sell the material you got from it.

To start mining right click on the vein, after a few moments of watching your character swing away, a pop up loot box will show on the screen collect the materials.

As a miner you are given the ability to smelt raw metal into bars this too will incress your mining as well This is a easy way to boost your mining skill though a bit unreliable unless you buy or are given the ore to do so. It is just simply faster in most cases to mine the ore then smelt it for selling.

Be aware if a mob attacks you while you are gathering it will interrupt your gathering.

WoW Mining Leveling Up

Note the max level is for the highest ore you can pick up once it turns green it is really time to move on.

From 1 to 65:

You will be collecting copper ore lots and lots of it Copper can be found in starter areas such as Elwynn Forest near the capital city of Storm Wind or Durotar which is near the capital city of Orgrimmar.

One of the main things to watch for while you mine are mobs that wonder around. WoW Mining Quick note copper is used by many professions once turned into bars so you can make a quick profit if you sell these smart . Also the raw material copper ore will sell well if you don't want to smelt it.

From 65 to 125 (175 max they are green at this point = Iron):

You will be collecting tin, the problem here is tin is stupidly rare to find so I suggest buying it and smelting it into bronze as much of it as you can. To make bronze you need copper and Tin. Smelt tin and copper till at least 75. At skill level 115 smelting bronze becomes green if you continue on with it till it turned green (which is not suggested unless you have plenty of money already). At skill level 75 go to the trainer and learn smelting of silver ore. Here again silver is rare and better to buy the ore for leveling purposes if you can afford it. You can smelt Silver to 125 at 122 it turns green. Farming tin is pretty easy its still close to many starter areas but it is sparse so here are some areas you should look for it in : Duskwood (basicly around the twilight grove area), Top left hand corner of redridge mountains, hillsbrad foot hills, Thousand Needles,and the barrens.

Remember if you have the helm or the enchants you are a few points ahead and can jump ahead to the next level stuff a bit sooner. So really think about getting it.

From 125 to 175 (205 max they are green at this point = Gold):

Iorn and gold veins are your friends here nice areas to find these in are Arathi higlands and Thousand Needles (nice not to have to move on this one huh) at 155 you can learn to smelt gold If you want at that point to buy and smelt feel free gold turns green at 177 but can be a bit costly otherwise gather as much gold as you can and at 165-170 (gold smelting is yellow) go smelt with any luck you should get to 175.

Remember if you have the enchantments you can move ahead by the + to mining.

WoW Mining From 175 to 245 (280 max they are green at this point = Dark Iron or Truesilver):

Time to head to Hinterlands or Tanaris you will be looking for mithril and truesilver. At the skill level of 230 you can learn to smelt truesilver, No need to buy anything unless you want to speed the process up there is plenty to be found but time is still a factor.

From 245 to 300 (325 max they are green at this point = Rich Thorium):

I will not lie to you this is one of the hardest spots while leveling your skill, at least I thought while I was doing this. Winterspring is the place to head for the thorium ore.

WoW Mining From 300 to 350 (375 max they are green at this point = Adamntite):

It's off planet to the burning crusades Fel iron and Admantite will be were your search will be headed though Admantite wont be able to be gathered till 325 you will be able to find it easily enough. Start in Hellfire if you just want Fel Iron or head to Nagrand were there is both fel iron and admantite

From 350 to 400 (425 max they are green at this point = Khorium or Rich Cobalt):

You will need to head to Lich King. The first are you come to (Borean Tundra) is perfect for cobalt mining.

From 400 to 450

Sholazar Basin is gonna be your last stop for skill leveling you will be farming Saronite Ore.

WoW Mining Tip :

Mining veins are almost always around rocky terrain or mountain areas. Also some mobs can be mined like earth elemental's.

WoW Mining I found is best done by races that have a movement speed ability like Death Knights or can stealth like rouges.

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