WoW Herbalism Guide

WoW Herbalism is about collecting herbs from the many random plants in the game. You then can sell the raw materials or sell the herbs in the auction house. Herbalism is used in many professions but the top 2 are Alchemy and Inscriptions. Herbalism is a great way to make gold in the game even the lowest level herbs can be sold for a small amount of gold. While the more rare herbs can be sold for a lot of gold.

Before we begin you will need to download the addon Gatherer and GathererDB both can be found at or GathererDB. The reason you want these 2 addon's is one tracks the locations of all the herbs you come across (Gatherer). The other Is a data base that puts all the herbs found to date in your gatherer so you don't have to find them all (GathererDB) please follow the instructions for downloading the GathererDB information into your gatherer.

You do not need any special tools for herbalism.

One more thing before you begin herbalism is if you can afford one of the following enchants do so [Formula: Enchant Gloves - Advanced Herbalism] or if you are going to be doing 2 gathering professions [Enchant Gloves - Gatherer] which helps all gathering skills. The gathering enchants I suggested to you will make it a little easier for you gather. There is a set of leather gloves one can get from leather workers if they have the pattern called Herbalist's Gloves that adds +5 to your skill.

One of the nice things about herbalism is as your level in it grows you gain a skill called life blood, which allows you to heal yourself over 5 sec, for a limited amount that is determined by your skill level in herbalism.

The WoW Herbalism Basics

Each material has a level and you can easily see if the material is within your herbalism level range by the color it is

Red is too high and you wont be able to mine it.

Orange is a guaranteed skill up (these are always a pick up)

Yellow is almost always a skill up

Green is a chance of skill up

Grey is never a skill up.

Even if something is grey pick it up you can always sell the material you got from it.

To start herbing right click on the plant, after a few moments of watching your character plucking away at the plant, a pop up loot box will show on the screen collect the materials.

Be aware if a mob attacks you while you are gathering it will interrupt your gathering.

Any and all classes and races can become a herbalist, though Tauren get a +15 bonus as a racial trait. Making them one of the best races for this. Also you may want to think about class's. A rouge can sneak into areas to gather classes like rouges and druids. Also those with speed boosts can gather much quicker such as Death Knight's and Druids.

Leveling up

Do not forget if you have the herbalism gloves and the enchantment on them your herbalism skill is 10 points higher allowing to to proceed a little faster than you normally could have. If your a Tauren with the gloves you are well ahead of the game.

From 1 to 15 to 50 (65 max they are green at this point):

Peacebloom and Silverleaf are the plants you will be searching for mostly at first at 15 earth root comes into play. These herbs can be found in all starter areas like in Elwynn Forest or Durotar.

From 50 to 100 (135 max they are green at this point):

You will be collecting Mageroyal, Briarthorn, and Strangekelp. Some of the best spots to find these herbs are Redridge Silverpine and the Barrens.

From 100 to 170 (200 max they are green at this point):

Bruiseweed, Wild Steelbloom, Kingsblood, and Liferoot are the key herbs here. These are found pretty well in the wet lands especially Liferoot. Liferoot is found near water.

By now you should start noticing a pattern of where the herbs will be if your looking for Liferoot you know to look near the water on banks. While Wild Steelbloom like mountain like areas along cliffs or rocky areas.

Remember if you have the enchantments you can move ahead by the + to herbalism.

From 170 to 210 (235 max they are green at this point):

Time to head to Arathi Highlands or Stranglehorn Vale you will be looking for Kingsroot, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, and Khadagar's Whisker. One big warning here you are now getting into PvP areas especially Stranglehorn Vale. Doesn't matter which side you are on be careful while your out there you never know when the horde or alliance players will attack you.

From 210 to 235 (260 max they are green at this point):

Sungrass, Arthas' Tears and Purple Lotus are your herbs of choice Firebloom can do in a pinch but it is far easier to go to Hinterlands and get the first three, Firebloom is fairly sparce. This part your herbalism will slow down a bit do to the herbs being a bit more rare

From 235 to 300 (335 max they are green at this point):

Your off agian to far away places like Plaugelands, but better choices are fel wood and Azsahara, here you will be looking for gromsblood, Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Plaguebloom.

From 300 to 325 (365 max they are green at this point):

Time to go off planet and head to Hellfire Peninsula. While you will come across some of the herbs you were just looking for you will discover that this area is filled with Felweed and some Dreaming glory. You will discover That Felweed is all over so if you decide to head into another area a bit sooner for other reasons go ahead you will still find herbs to keep leveling your herbalism with.

From 325 to 350 (419 max they are green at this point):

Zangarmarsh is near by head in there for a ton of new herbs like Ragveil, Terrocone. This is another high danger area with pvp players looking for a fight sometimes .

From 350 to 400 (425 max they are green at this point):

Goldclover is the herb of choice though tiger lily will soon to follow if you stay in the Borean Tundra area or Howling Fjord.

From 400 to 450:

From this point on its pretty easy you should be able to pick most of the herbs from this point on. Addertounge, Icethorn and Lichbloom will become your main searching herbs. Storm Peaks and Sholazar Basin, are great spots for these herbs.

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