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World of Warcraft or better known as WoW. (article continues below)

WoW is a mmorpg played by millions of players every day. The game is loosely based on a midevil era. There is a war going on between 2 factions the Horde, which is full of fierce creatures such as Orcs and Trolls.

The other is the Alliance who wish for peace, these races are those like Humans and Dwarfs. While fighting breaks out between these 2 factions may be intense there is a far greater threats and without at least a temporary truce will either faction be able to survive?

Wow is one game with 3 expansions. In order to compete with other players you will need to buy each expansion including the original game. Some classes and possibly races will only be available with the expansions. As well as Areas that you can travel too.

WoW is a Pay month to month game there are other options such as pay for 3 and 6 months. As well as buying Prepaid cards for the game.

World of Warcraft Information

WoW Account Safety E-book

Zygor Guides For leveling events and more.

Dugi's World of Warcraft Guide another guide to help you level faster.

The Races - Do you want to be a Human, Gnome? How about a Troll or a Undead? Or one of the other races.

The Classes - Your choice of class will determine what you will do.

Druid - A versatile class. Than can do it all.

Death Knight - Even Death cant stop This Knight

Priest - Healing or Pain, Healing or Pain? hmmm

Paladin - A holy Knight

Shaman - Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind are all at your finger tips.

Hunter - Double Trouble is what you get when you face a hunter. For they are never alone they always have there trusty bow and there pet.

Mage - Caster of Devastating magical attacks.
Warlock - The master of demons and pain, The screams of there fallen foes are music to their ears.

Professions - Did you think just because you are a hero of either the Horde or Alliance that you didn't have to work? Professions can help you make money quickly by gathering materials or making useful items others or your self may need.

Herbalism - Finding plants for money or as a way to help another profession.

Mining - Mine your way to rich's.

WoW Tips - Tips that i found useful for what ever reason from character creation to achievements or even parts of quests you never know.

The Turkinator Achievement - Turkey Hunting

Addon - What it is and how it can help you play better.

Raid Consumables - What Consumables you should be prepared to bring to help the success of your raid

Useful Links to other WoW sites WoW Heros - Great way to see how your character is stacking up

WoW Talent Calculator - See what your talent tree will look like, and how you may want your skills to be in the future.

WoW Wiki - Lots of information about the game such as quests but does require some searching. - WoW addons making your game experience much nicer.

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Note: Since WoW is a pay to play game and the costs are just to hard to keep up with. We will not be updating any WoW pages, at least for now.

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