World of Warcraft Warlock or WoW Warlock

The World of Warcraft Warlock (Locks) is one of the more unique classes...

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They have many unique spells such as a soul shard which allows a person to bring themselves back to life if they fall in a fight. They also can convert health into mana. They are very powerful in pve and in pvp but they do have a weakness and that's the soul shard.

The World of Warcraft Warlocks

There are 3 talents that this class can pull from.

Demonology - This talent line is used a lot for leveling at first and often then left for other talent trees. Even with that this talent tree is highly useful for those who would rather let there pet demon do all the fighting. Even if you decide this is not the main spec you will want this tree has some very nice survivability skills that will help any spec out.

Affliction - The amount of suffering caused by this is very sweet, This is all about Damage over time spells (dots). a Great spec for PvP allowing you to keep moving while doing damage. The one thing you will discover with this tree though is your dps takes some time to hit its highest Damage Per Sec (dps) possible.

Destruction - This is the Direct damage line. The spells here deal damage fast. These are also the most mana draining spells you have as well.

Each of these talents can be pulled from or if you want you can just specialize all in one your choice.

The races you can choose from Are

Alliance - Gnome, Human, Worgen ( soon to be in cataclysm)

Horde - Orcs, Forsaken, Blood Elf, Goblins (soon to be in cataclysm)

Gnome - They are a short race with large minds making them great for casting.

Expansive Mind - adds 5% to your intellect.

Escape Artist - Allows you to remove effects that stop your movement or slows you down.

Orc - While not the prettiest of races, But really do they have to be? I mean come on, compare them to what there summoning up as a warlock and there down right cute.

Blood Fury - boosts your attack and spell power for a short time, meaning more damage from spells and melee.

Hardiness - stun? what stun? well may not really stop it this passive racial reduces how long a stun is on you

The Blood Elf - Just because this race is very pretty looking compared to the orc's doesn't mean they are any less dangerous as a world of warcraft warlock .

Arcane Torrent - An Area of Effect (AoE) that silences foes around you, this also restores some of your mana

Magic Resistance - Spells don't hit you as often.

A screen shot of the World of Warcraft  warlock Demons you can summon and control from the Game WoW that is produced by Blizzard

(The above picture is a screen shot from the game World of warcraft (blizzard) and they own all rights to the graphic above)

There are 3 types of Warlocks

Demonology Its about demons and pain, and warlocks are the best, at both controlling demons and inflicting pain, in fact if you take this far enough you can temporarily become a demon.

Affliction Time to bring the Hurt and that's what you do, slow or fast doesn't matter pain is pain though if you do the slow pain you get to hear more of the screaming.

Destruction I think the name says it all.

Weapons and Armor

You can wear cloth. Yes that means avoid getting hit because it will hurt.

Weapons is really a matter of preference.

Staff's - Staff's are great healing and caster Dps weapons so keep a eye out for these.

Dagger - A short bladed weapon used for slicing a foe, while very quick it is not normally as damaging unless in hands of those who know how to use them effectively. Most of these weapons are geared for dps, casting, and in some small part healing.

Swords - the one handed variety is the type a warlock uses, most are melee focused but there are a few really good caster and healing versions.

Wands - yes wands just encase you do ever run out of mana you can use these to shoot magic though this is no where near as powerful but still useful.

Reasons to Play a World of Warcraft Warlock

Soul shards you can put one of these on a healer and it will most likely save a raid or group from a total wipe, You the hero man.

If you like dealing out pain this is definitely the class to play.

Demons as pets how cool is that.

The Bad Side of Being a World of Warcraft Warlock

The dps is not always right there it may take some time to build up.

You need special shards to do some of your more power spells.


Have your pet out at the beginning of a fight.

DoT your target , if it gets close use fear, once its ran a safe distance Dps it down.

Have fun with this class.

(World of Warcraft Warlocks are going to receive some some really cool changes in cataclysm Some really cool new spells making them even better, So some of the above will be changed after that happens So keep a eye here for when that happens)

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