World of Warcraft Mage or WoW Mage

The world of warcraft mage or WoW Mage is one of the more difficult classes to level but...

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once you do the ability's you gain are by far worth the trouble.The damage you will be able to deliver will make some classes think twice in confronting you directly.

While others will soon find that even a indirect approach may not work as they had thought. With the ability to Crowd Control(cc), Do devastating damage and the ability to stop damage on ones self for a few seconds or escape many types of CC themselves.

At higher levels this class gains some very unique ability's some of which you will need to spec into others will be gotten easily through trainers.

World of Warcraft Mage

While Mages are totally about damage they They use 3 types of magic to do this.

Frost - While this may not be the most damage dealing of the 3 specializations it is the easiest way to level currently.

Arcane - This is a good damage spec while it may not have the punch fire has, it is consistent and fairly quick.

Fire - This can be the most powerful of the specs or just ok. The fluctuation in this spec line takes time to over come.

Each of these talents can be pulled from or if you want you can just specialize all in one your choice.

The races you can choose from Are

Alliance - Human, Gnome, Draenei,(the following 3 will be in cataclysm) Night elf, Worgen, Dwarf

Horde -Forsaken, Troll, Blood elf, ( the follwing 2 will be in cataclysm) Goblin, Orc

While any race of the above will be good, and you should always choose for You, I have my favorites and here they are.

Gnomes- while they may not be big, strong, or even that attractive they make great casters. They have some great racial ability's that make them perfect for these roles

Escape Artist - Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect.

Expansive Mind - Intellect increased by 5%.

Forsaken - This class wields magic with reckless abandonment, which makes them great mages. They don't care that a spell could kill them becuase there already dead.

Will of the Forsaken - Activate to remove any fear, sleep, and charm effects.

Cannibalize - Regenerate part of your health.

There are only DPS World of Warcraft Mages

What this means is right now mages do not tank or heal they do DAMAGE. That is it, while you may be thing geeze that's it? You should know they do this very well.

You choose one of 3 main specs as your main damage.

Fire does mass amounts of damage or just ok but either way your enemy's will be burning up.

Arcane while it may not do the most damage it is usually the fastest and most consistent making it the most popular.

Frost is the least damaging of of the specializations, but it is most popular for leveling and pvp, because of the secondary effects of the ice spells which is crowd control.

Weapons and Armor

You can wear cloth armor. this means your Super Squishy.

One handed Sword - Longer than a dagger these weapons are used by by many though mostly Dps and Tanks there are some Swords that are caster based.

Staves - Basically a 2 handed walking stick that u use to pound things on the head with. Another great weapon for Dps casting and Healing, There are a few Tanking versions but rare and not often used.

Daggers - The only sharp cutting weapon you have the skill to use most daggers work well for Dps or Healing.

Wands - A small sick that allows you to cast spells from range without using up power tho not as strong as your normal casting it is handy. Dps and healing are most of the stats these will give out too.

Reasons to Play a World of Warcraft Mage

The Damage, Damage, Damage.

You have a couple different pet ability's, one creates 3 clones of you the other is a water elemental that you can glyph to make it stay out for as long as it lives.

Reasons Not to Play a World of Warcraft Mage

Slow leveling at first.

Weak defenses and very Sqwishy.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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