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Hello, and thank you for taking interest in your World of Warcraft Account Safety.

Attacks to our accounts happen everyday, and I don't know about you but I find this sad, frustrating and even at times it makes me mad. Especially when it happens to a friend or guildie.

So to help stop some of this I decided to write this short guide. Just so you know I have never had any of my Game Accounts hacked. Not that it could never happen but I take simple steps to not let it happen.

I bet you wondering who I am, I'm a gamer just like you. I have played many online games, and still play many online games, as well as games in general. Feel free to call me Online Gamer Richie or OG Richie for short.

So why should you even check out this World of Warcraft safety guide? It has the tips and strategies I've been using for years, and like I said I have yet to have a account hacked. Plus this one is strictly about WoW account safety.

Tips like how to tell if you have received a e-mail from Blizzard or if its a fake.

If your new to the game how do you know if its actually a Gm talking to you or some scammer, and much more.

Ok How do you get this free Guide?

Very Simple, See the Box below just fill it out and the World Of Warcraft Safety Guide will be sent to you.

As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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