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What Waits in Shadow

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17th Quest in the series of the Winds of Change content. You start this quest by talking to Xan Hei in Xaquang Skyway.

Pulling and not rushing is going to be key to beating it. Using the body blocking technique.

The Mobs in this quest are Jade Brotherhood. The Jade Brotherhood groups are well mixed in skills and are in large groups. As said before pulling is key, specially if you do not want to be over ran by mobs. This area it is easy for this to happen.

This Quest actually works well for those who use body blocking, and pulling strategies, because the mobs are forced to come at in in one basic direction and with the layout of the dungeon the mobs will group up, making them perfect targets of AoE attacks.

There are 5 NPC's you may want to avoid fighting if you are able. These 5 mobs are bosses that once are defeated spawn more mobs in the area. You know you are near one when you see there dialogue. Also They start off green but will turn red once you get close.

The Final fight is with Reisen the Phoenix and his group. They just like the other 5 bosses start of green then switch to hostile red once you get within range.

The Following video shows the path to follow Enjoy

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Tips to Winds of Change What Waits in Shadow

Having a SoS Ritualist and/or Minion Master is almost a must for this mission

The builds I use in the video, and that my friends use can be found by subscribing to our guides page where you can find my hero's guide that has my basic builds and the concepts behind them to create your own. Subscribe to the Right or check out a free sample of our guides on the Free stuff page.

Don't forget mapping when your done directly to the town is faster than /resigning unless you have a friend with you.

Retreat when things look bad.

Having a interrupter Will make this mission easier.

Try to bring at least 2 - 3 healers.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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