Winds of Change
The Gangs of Kaineng

Winds of Change the Gangs of Kaineng is the...
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16th Quest in the series of the Winds of Change content. You start this quest by talking to Xan Hei in Xaquang Skyway.

This is like many other quests in the game, and pulling and not rushing is going to be key to beating it. Using the body blocking technique.

You do get a little help on this quest making this a little easier over all. There are plenty of body's so a Minion Master is helpful as well.

The Mobs in this quest are Am Fah and are pretty well rounded in the skills they use. So as with most missions picking your targets is going to important, taking out healers and rezer's is going to be important to winning most battles.

The objective to this quest is to obtain the Jade Brotherhood Text, and to Defeat Ganshu.

The Following video shows the path to follow Enjoy

Tips to Winds of Change the Gangs of Kaineng

Having a Minion Master and a Good SoS Ritualist will be extremely helpful.

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Don't forget mapping when your done directly to the town is faster than /resigning unless you have a friend with you.

Retreat when things look bad.

Having a interrupter is a great idea.

Try to bring at least 2 - 3 healers.

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