Winds of Change Cleansing the Undercity

Winds of Change Cleansing the Undercity
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Hello, This is OGRichie I am doing something a little different for the Winds of Change Quests. So here it is...

Instead of a normal Screen shot map I will Fraps the quest, then on the video that is shown have the map fairly large so you can see the way I took, this will also show you what your in for while doing the quests. If you like this format please let me know if you don't let me know as well. If you have any ideas that will make things easier Let me know always looking for feed back.

There 2 ways you can let me know how I am doing. First is through the Contact Us page or by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Thank you and now back to your previously scheduled page.

Winds of Change Cleansing the Undercity

This quest is the 3rd in the series of the Winds of Change content. You start this quest by talking to Initiate Zei Ri in Kaineng Center.

For the most part this quest is like most other missions, so no real surprises. there are several groups of afflicted your are going to have to defeat before you finish this one.

Aggroing more than you can handle can easily be done if you are not careful. So be sure to take your time and pull.

The groups of Afflicted are very well mixed, having monks, rits, tanks, eles, and other classes. Also many have a secondary profession to pull from so watch for those that try to rez.

The Following video shows the path to follow Enjoy


As you may have noticed and like i said before the video you can easily pull or aggro more than you mean too so taking your time and pulling with care is a must.

Also be aware of the bridges there are mobs below these areas that will attack you from below, so if possible either just run across and continue on or use your spell to wipe them out then move on.

Bringing 3 healers 2 full one partial will be of great help.

Having a AoE Interrupter is a must.

Take your time and pull.

Retreat If you need too.

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