Winds of Change Cleansing Morostav Trail Part 12

Winds of Change Cleansing Morostav Trail is the 12th...
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Quest in the series of the Winds of Change content. You start this quest by talking to Initiate Zei Ri in Kaineng Center .

This quest is one that can fool a player easily if they are not watching what they are doing. While this mission is rather short, it is confined in a rather small area.

All that means is be very careful while you pull, cuz it is easy to aggro other mobs. This mission is about defeating 8 Winds of Change Cleansing Morostav Trail Bosses, they are:

boss (Elite Skill)Monstrous Afflicted Warrior - Earth Shaker

Monstrous Afflicted Ranger - Magebane Shot

Monstrous Afflicted Monk - Ray of Judgment

Monstrous Afflicted Necromancer - Lingering Curse

Monstrous Afflicted Mesmer - Energy Surge

Monstrous Afflicted Elementalist - Blinding Surge

Monstrous Afflicted Assassin - Way of the Assassin

Monstrous Afflicted Ritualist - Soul Twisting Soul Twisting

Along with there Elite skill each has a specialty Monster skill that happens the moment they are defeated. Just be aware of this when fighting the bosses the effects very depending on which boss you are fighting.

The groups of Afflicted are very well mixed, having monks, rits, tanks, eles, and other classes. Also many have a secondary profession to pull from so watch for those that try to rez.

You do start off with a bunch of Npc to help but do not count on them staying alive long and they seem to like to draw aggro.

The Following video shows the path to follow Enjoy

Tips to Winds of Change Cleansing Morostav Trail

Pulling needs to be done carefully so not to pull more than you can handle

Don't forget mapping when your done directly to the town is faster than /resigning unless you have a friend with you.

While The Npc's are up and fighting watch them carefully if they grab aggro that you are not ready for, retreat and then move head back once safe.

Interrupts, minion masters, and SoS rits are all very handy in this mission.

Bring at least 2 healers 2 and 1/2 healers be better.

For builds I use check out the Hero's Guide in our guides section of this site. Umm you do need to sign up to get the password to even look at it. Its free to get, so that's not a problem. Sign up on the Top Right of this page.

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