Winds of Change Cleansing Haiju Lagoon

Winds of Change Cleansing Haiju Lagoon
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This is the 8th Quest in the series of the Winds of Change content. You start this quest by talking to Initiate Tsuriai in Seitung Harbor.

Unlike most of the other quests in Winds of Change this one can be the easiest or the hardest quest to beat (of the first chapter of WoC).

This quest is one of the shortest to complete, for the most part you can avoid many of the mobs. The trick to this is pulling the monk out of the danger zone for most of the ritual. using a skill that causes you to be hurt will make the monk want to heal u so it will move towards you. ( watch the video to see what I mean).

The groups of Afflicted are very well mixed, having monks, rits, tanks, eles, and other classes. Also many have a secondary profession to pull from so watch for those that try to rez.

The Following video shows the path to follow Enjoy

Tips to Cleansing Haiju Lagoon

This mission is unlike most other missions so be very careful of how you handle it.

Don't forget mapping when your done directly to the town is faster than /resigning unless you have a friend with you.

Do not head directly to the star if you do u will have to fight several groups of mobs.

Bring a skill that damages you to pull the monk up the hill, but be ready to keep the monk alive as well because sometimes he just refuses to co-operate.

Take your time, and do not panic If you can keep the monk alive long enough the mobs all go away.

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