Webkinz A Toy
And A Online Game

What is Webkinz? They are animal plush toys that are created by Ganz that you or your child can take care of online through their site. After you buy the plush toy you can go online and set up your account with the plush toy you just got and play for one year free. How ever when ever you add a new pet to the account it restarts the year so if you bought a webkinz on the 3rd of May 2007 then May 3rd of 2008 would be when it would expire but say July 5th 2007 you added a new pet then you would restart the year from that date so your account would end July 5th 2008.

Another great thing about this is if you start collecting these cute plush toys and added them to your account you not only get the pets but also other virtual prizes.

The online part of this game is made so that you can talk to friend but using preset sentences that give no identifying information. So they have taken a very close look at kid safety. Also the pets cannot die, so even if your child does not take care of it in the game it will be ok.

One last thing before we get to the actual game part and I believe this is very important to say is that they have a charitable foundation. That is aimed at helping children. They have a special program where a portion of the sales of specially tagged plush toys are donated to the foundation to fund the programs. One of the programs was to children in hospitals, they called it "All About The Kids" were they donated laptops and the plush toys to the children who were bed bound.

2 webkins tigers

The Arcade

They have taken there time and made many of the games easy enough to learn and play yet as you pass each level the difficulty grows making it even challenging to adults. One of the fun parts of playing the games is you gain kinzcash which you use in other parts of the game little more on this later

There are several types of games and even variations on some of the games. There is certainly a game here for every one how can I say that? With over 40 games in the arcade alone, and many of them have some of the classic game play like Bamboo Break this is a tetris type game, A Bejewled fan then you will most likely like Goobers Lab. They even have a Frogert type game called Zacky's Quest. All the arcade game are single player games at this time.

For those who want to help there children with logic, math spelling there games here for that as well, like Booger Gets a A. This is a addition game were you add the numbers on the screen up to make them disappear before the numbered blocks gets to the top of the screen. The game starts off really easy but as you progress through the levels he wants you to figure out higher numbers with larger numbers in your blocks. Great game for those who are learning there addition.

I mentioned logic Operation Gumball is a perfect example of this, in this game you you impute the numbers 1-9 into the boxes if you have a correct number in the right place a green ball rolls out. A red one rolls out if its a correct number but wrong spot. Of course if you don't have a right number then you don't see a ball at all. You have a limited number of guesses before the gumball machine Kerplodes.

How would you like your child to learn to use the keyboard the proper way without looking at the keys? Guess what Lunch Letters is the game for that. This game gets more difficult so less time can be spent looking at the keyboard.

I also mentioned spelling Quizzy's Word Challenge is perfect for this. You try to get as many points as you can by spelling words from the tiles on the screen The bigger the word the more points you get the trick to this game is there are 3 sections to the game with letters. The board is in a square 1 tile in the middle if you use a word with that major points, then it is surrounded by tiles these are worth fewer points, those tiles are then surrounded by more tiles worth the least amount of points.

The way this is played is you use tiles from outside to center. Say you see the word gamer as long as you can do it from the outside to the center you are ok, but you cant jump from outer edge to middle to outer edge again. I know this is a bit confusing but the game is great fun once you play it a couple times.

The Webkinz Tournament Arena

Your going to discover a lot of the same games you did in the arcade here along with some new ones. You will also find that you can play against some players directly with games like Rock Paper Scissors, Kinz Pinz Bowling, or even Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles (battleship with a twist). Other games you will see if you win at a later time if you were the best. This is the competition area were you can win extra kinz cash.

Raising your Webkinz pet, Your Room, And More

Responsible children will want to keep there pet healthy, happy, and fed. Your pet has those 3 stats and you will want to try your best to keep those high so it doesn't become sick ( the pets cannot die but they can become sick). Keeping your pet healthy is pretty easy when it gets sick you take it to the doctors, Keeping it fed you buy food with your kinz cash at the store then feed it. As for happy just play with it a little every day and it will be happy.

You play with your webkinz in your room you can also invite friends over to visit your room and play. You start off with one room but can expand this to several rooms which you can name (limited to what they offer). You can also decorate the rooms, add furniture, pictures, games, and much more. All this is done by buying stuff at the W-store. I mentioned games here yep you can get games that you can play here in your room as well ones that are not in the arcade and some that are. Will let you discover these on your own.

You can also dress up your pet, you buy the cloths at the W-store. Sometimes you can win cloths as well.

You also can set up a about me webkinz page. This is all pretty much preset so no Identifying Information can be given out but their is plenty of options that you child can create there own look that they like and then any of there friends can see it.

Jobs and School

Yes, you can get a job in webkinz world every 8 hours you can try another job some you can do right away others you will not have the necessary skills until you go to school (uugg thought we were done with that). LOL, ok actually the job and school are more games that let you do more stuff in the game. The more school you do the better chances you have at winning in other competitions like a fashion show or cooking, also more schooling you do the more different jobs open up to you. You do get kinz cash when you complete a job and schooling costs kinz cash.

There is so much for you to do that you wont know what to do, but I will tell you the first things you want to do every day is the bingo, daily kinz care (helps keep pet happy), and the daily activity's because these can only be done once a day. keep a eye on the hourly activity's as well sometimes you get free stuff or chances at things as well.

Where Can I Get WebKinz Toys?

There are many stores that carry them like, Hallmark and Walgreens, but you also can get them online from places like Amazon, or find them quickly at Game'N Your Way Store (This store is powered by Amazon), look in webkinz section or go to everything else - toys and games- and then type in Webkinz for even larger selection.

*Special note when buying the webkinz stuff , there will be a code for special items to be added to you account. So be sure that you buy new so you will get it, or that the code is unused if you buy used.

Ok well I think its time to feed my pet Tiger.

Webkinz Ratings and last thoughts.

The ratings go from lowest to highest

Defeated - In My opinion this was Horrible, worse than getting a spanking as a kid

1xp - 4xp = sub par games

5xp - this is average

6xp - 8xp - better than average in my opinion

9xp - a near perfect but something is holding it back

Leveled - this is so close to perfect or is perfect in my opinion

  • Easy to play - Many of the games are extremely easy to play there are a couple that does take time to learn and even then the controls are horrible (the mini golf is one such game) But most are easy so to this gets a 9XP
  • Easy to learn - This is usually were a game can lose a player and then you spend some time figuring it out, but I am happy to say this one does very little of this couple game instructions are a bit hard to get but most are not. In fact some games have a tutorial and walks you through, other have pictures along with the instructions. So for this I give an 8XP
  • Helps the kid to learn something - Ok you will be happy to hear this online game for kids has plenty of learning involved in fact I think I've learned a few things (Quizzy's corner is great for this, and loads of fun test your knowledge daily with his bonus question). I have to give this game a Leveled rating on this because of all the different fun ways they did this.
  • Age - I can see many children playing the games, 4-5 yrs of age with a parent near by 6yr+ should have no problems learning the games
  • Fun - Ok this online game for kids has it all, something for everyone, but becuase of a couple minor things im giving this rating a 9XP
  • Variety / Attention holding - Like I said a sec ago plenty of variety and has plenty to do so should hold the attention pretty well so another 9XP

Something you should know it has a slow load time at times this may cause children to go a little bonkers waiting. Just remind them the webkinz game will be up soon and then they can have some fun.

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