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As you will see the webkinz tips here are not for all the games possible. As I discover more I will add them.If your looking for tips on making kinz cash you will find a little of that here.

I also gave a thought for each game on a over all impression of that game, and the type of game I believe it is.

The Types of Games

Decision Making Game -you have to make a choice of some kind, example Go-Go Googles, if you have 2 or more butterflies which one is the one(s) are the one you going to stop first.

Hand/Eye Coordination Game - you have to control the mouse or keyboard while looking at the screen, if you look away it may mess you up, example would be a typing game.

Logic Game - Logic is critical thinking, how to determine something. example of this is lily padz were you have to judge distance but also the power of your jumps to land safely.

Game of Chance - This has nothing to do with skill, its all luck

Knowledge Game - this tests what you know, best part is if you don't you learn something new

Webkinz Tips

Webkinz Tips to Go-go Googles

You play as 2 googles (look kinda like ducks) one that throws the other one up in the air so they can collect flowers, you can switch the googles.

The white google jumps slightly higher. You can double jump to get the higher letters.

In this game you use the googles to collect flowers and knock the butterflies away before they land on the tree. The biggest webkinz tip here is to go after the butterflies before they get to the tree.

Also staying near the center of the tree gives you the best shoot of fending off the butterflies from either side.

My thoughts for this game (Decision Making Game) this game is really easy to play so even younger players will have a pretty easy time.

Webkinz Tips to Zingoz Bounce Place

There is a zingo in a ball that you try to keep from touching the ground. to more times you bounce it the more points you gain.

The trick to this game is to get the ball to stop spinning and just bounce straight up and down. Once you have this happen You can to keep it bouncing this way by keeping you clicks in the center of the ball. Until then the ball bounces all over the place.

My thoughts for this game (Hand/Eye Coordination Game) This game is very interesting and not as easy as most of the other games

Webkinz Tips to Lily Padz

The object of this game is to get you home by jumping from lily pad to lily pad (or rock), with out falling in the water, as you go your frog will become hungry you can help keep him from starving by eating bugs. There are 5 levels to this games.

The skill in this game is the jumping. To move (jump really), you use the space bar to increase your jump, and if you make the arrow all red, you will jump the furthest. The second part is that you have to aim your jump. These 2 parts to the jump give you the distance. In most cases, you will use an angle of about 45 degrees

This game just takes practice. If you cannot see a lily pad or rock on the screen , use the max power and jump all the way. If you can see a landing spot, aim for it, do not jump over it, if you do you might over jump and end up in the water.

If you stay on a lily pad for too long, the pad will sink and you will lose a try.

You can stay on the rocks as long as you want. In fact, if you see real high scores out there, it is because people have stayed on the rocks, just eating bugs. That how ever will get boring after a while.

If you let the power bar go all the way to the top and jump, you get +50 and then+25 for landing. When your time is running out, catch bugs! You can catch bugs by, pressing the up arrow. Make sure you don't catch bees! If you do, your time with get lower. The bugs to eat are dragonflies and flies.

My thoughts for this game (Logic Game) Takes lots of practice at first but once you figure it out it becomes really easy for older children younger ones may have a hard time with it.

Webkinz Tips to Pumpkin Patch

This game reminds me of Polaris. In it you are trying to stop crows from stealing your pumpkins. they fly down at diffrent speeds and angles to grab them. Your weapon is a water hose with a limited amount of water. You squirt the crows to get rid of them.

This one just involves quick shooting and shoot just in front of the birds so they will run into the water.

The only real webkinz tip is to stay in the middle, and pay close attention on the sides to get the fast moving crows that come for the pumpkins on the sides. Also, if you see one moving faster than others, that one needs to be squirted first.

My thoughts for this game (Logic Game) Really easy in the first few levels if you know how to squirt right before the crows.

Webkinz Tips to Webkinz Bingoz

The way to win the Bingoz game is to collect coupons and then play all of those coupons at the same time. How many do you need? You will need 84-86 for a guaranteed win. Chances are you will not need that many.

So the main tip here is chances are you are not going to win unless you have the coupons so play this for the fun, and collect the coupons as much as you can.

My thoughts for this game (Game of Chance) This is perfect for really young children who are just learning how to play games.

Webkinz Tips to Quizzy's Blast

This game pops up as a game of the hour (hourly events). What you do is throw a dart at a board were numbers are flashing (they change at a fairly slow rate) -5 to 0 to +5 you then throw a dart and depending on what of the number you hit when you answer the question correctly it will either add or subtract that many points.

If you put the mouse on the far left or right, you isolate only two of the circular rings.It turns out the dart will end up in the exact same spot. So put the dart gun on the far left or far right (I like to put it were the points you get show right there when the dart lands it land just above the line on the top in the outer edge) , and when the top edge circle is a +5, throw the dart. What about the power meter?Do not worry about it it seems that it has no effect on the dart when you do this. The dart lands on the same sot each time.

As for the questions you will have to figure those out on your own.My thoughts for this game (Game of Chance and Knowledge) If you use the above the luck is taken out of were it lands just on the number the game is easy to play the questions tho may even challenge adults.

Webkinz Tips to Gem Hunt and Arte

Arte is the dog in charge of the curio shop and mines were you do the gem hunts. You want to know when the rare item is gonna show up in his shop? Well you need to become one of his favorite customers and the way to do that is give him good tips. Gem hunting is another easy game, you click on slag and hope to find a gem if you get one of every gem you can trade it for a Webkinz Crown of Wonder.

Arte's Favorite Customer Sayings (Giving him tips by giving him Kinzcash)

1."Welcome to the Curio Shop. Hope you find what your looking for."2."Welcome back. See if you can find a bargain today."3."Hey, welcome back, if you see something you like, let me know."4."Good to see you again. Have fun shopping."5."Ahh, one of my favorite customers. Let's see what I can do for you."6."There you are! Always great to see you, my shop is your shop." (this is the one that he tells you when)

Visit the Curio shop daily and tip Arte every time you visit. After numerous visits, he offers you rare items.

Gem Hunting ( Find the gems for Webkins Crown)

Muzzle Mouth Mine - Home of all the Red Gems

  • Only place to find the Red Ruby Heart
  • White Gems (Unicorn Horn and Yum Zum Sparkle)
  • Yellow and Blue Gems

Buried Bones Mine - Home of all the White Gems

  • Only place to find the Webkinz Diamond
  • Yellow Gems (Aurora Rox and Pyramid Plunder)
  • Blue and Green Gems

Barking Mad Mine - Home of all the Yellow Gems

  • Only place to find the Corona Topaz
  • Blue Gems (Teardrop Tower and Sea Stone)
  • Red and Green Gems

Howling Horse Mine - Home of all the Blue Gems

  • Only place to find Ocean Sapphire
  • Green Gems (Moss Marble and Cat's Eye Glint)
  • Red and White Gems

Flea Floater Mine - Home of all the Green Gems

  • Only place to find the Earth Emerald
  • Red Gems (Ember Amber and Volcano Viscose)
  • Yellow and White Gems

Search for gems through the link in Arte's Curio Shop. Every mine has gems and the gems are in a diffrent spot each day.

If you already have a gem sell it if you need the kinzcash.

My thoughts for this game (Game of Chance) Easy game 3 chances at a gem perfect for younger children.

Webkinz Tips to Polar Plunge

This game you are a bear that slides down a hill, you use your arrow keys to speed up or slow down the bear. Depending on how fast you are moving determines the points you get.

The webkinz tips to this game is to go slow at least until you learn what the hills look like. If your doing this one for the kinz cash you receive a little more for going fast but not much more.

So, if you want to earn a trophy (this is a random chance) and finish the course, you are better off going slower (even using the brake in a lot of places) to get yourself further down the course.

My thoughts for this game (Hand/Eye Coordination) This is a pretty easy game over all if you take your time it does require a little skill.

Webkinz Tips to Zingoz Pop

This game reminds me of bubble bobble.

This game has two levels of play, easy and normal. If you can beat all 30 levels in normal you have a chance at a trophy. This game is were you shoot a colored ball at other balls if 3 of the same color are matching they pop. object is to get rid of all the colored balls.

After choosing the level, you get to choose your power.

The Bowling Ball, you can blast through a whole line of bubbles, which means that if you take you time and think about how to shoot it you could tale out a lot of bubbles. This is great for new players to this game.

The Super Bubble pops the ball that you hit and all balls that it is directly touching. Not as useful as some of the other powers but give it a shot and see.

The Line Guide I find is is great for those who are learning the game but after a few games it is useless and not needed.

The Rainbow Ball, This ball pops all the balls of the color that you hit and it also removes one ball from the sequence of balls that are in the cannon (getting ready to come out). I personally think this is the best of the 4 powers.

Try them all out and use the one you like best(that is a great tip for any game its not just a webkinz tip its a game tip). The way you get to use a power is by having a sparkly ball pop.

The Levels and tips for some of them ones that are not mentions are pretty straight forward.

Level 5 The easiest way around this level is to clear out the purple and / or green in the middle, and then clear out the blue V – dropping a bunch of balls. At that point, you should be able to work through the levels.

Level 6 The two sticky red balls lie in the middle, they can cause trouble. I suggest using the rainbow ball to get rid of them (if you picked that power), or just quickly working to get rid of the balls around it

For level 8You really just need to take the first yellow to the right, the first green to the left, and remove the orange balls on either side.

Then you just have to work on the right and left to get the ones that are holding the structure to the top of the screen. You can try to get one side first, and then work on the other side.

Level 12 Clear the level from left to right

For level 13 You want to clear the pinks in the middle and the blue in the middle. You do not want the right hand column to get attached to the sticky balls.

Level 15 Try to clear out the yellow as early as possible. Then work toward getting rid of the colors as you go

Level 18 Try to get rid of the yellows on the left, followed by the pink above it, opening a path to the purples in the middle. Then use a pink or yellow on the right, eliminating part of the center.

Level 19 First, get rid of the yellow and gray on the sides, then work on getting rid of the blues on the top.

Level 21 Avoid the black sticky in the middle.

For level 27Try to get the purple and white that are in the middle first. To get to the purple and white, you should aim to the left or right wall, about halfway up. It will take some practice.

Level 28 Work toward getting rid of the pink, white and yellow balls as soon as possible. That leaves the green, gray and purple, which are all connectors.

Level 30This is the last level but I will leave it up to you to figure this one out.

You should always look at what the next ball is, because it may be that the next ball can solve some of your problems and the power ball can then be used on a different part of the screen.

My thoughts for this game (Logic Game) This game is loads of fun, may be a little frustrating especially for younger children.

Webkinz Tips to Operation Gumball

This game reminds me of Master MindThe object of this game is to correctly guess the number before you run out of guesses.In this game, you are given a set amount of guesses as to the hidden numbers, and on each response, you are given clues on whether the numbers you have are correct and in the right place.

The best webkinz tip I can give here is start off with 2 numbers and use one twice so something like 212 or 323. then work from there this will let you figure out numbers bit more quickly if u get a red ball in a 212 set up you know either the 1 or the 2 is in the wrong spot so go 313 this will eliminate the 2 if u get green ball you know the one is in the correct spot if not then you know the 2 was in the wrong this will also confirm 3's if there is one or not.

Also There is a chance for a trophy on this game at any time.

My thoughts for this game (Logic) pretty easy game to play difficult to master. perfect for critical thinking.

Webkinz Tips to Bounce N Burst

This game you play a lion that like to hear these fuzzy bubble things laugh then the pop. They can go from very large to 2 medium sized ones then each medium sized can become 2 smaller ones. The object is to make them all pop.

The webkinz tips to this game is simple pop 1 set at a time. So pop 1 large one then when it becomes 2 medium ones you pop 1 of those then take care of the 2 small ones then go after the medium on and again the small ones. Repeat on each large one.

Another part of this webkinz tip is always start with the smallest of the bubble creatures and work your way to the largest the reason for this is the bigger the bubble creature the higher they bounce smaller the lower.

Reminder here you can only have one feather tickler thrown at a time so it either has to tickle the bubble or be off the screen before you can throw another one.

One last webkinz tip here you may have notice the lion runs on all fours when moving side to side this perfect for when yo may be in trouble run against the wall, you basically are ducking with any chance the bubble will bounce off the wall and miss you.

My thoughts for this game (Hand/Eye Coordination / logic) Yes I gave the logic away on this but you still need to decide on when its best to go for it

Webkinz Tips to Gardening

This is less a game than a daily activity, you plant your seeds in a garden then you take care of it. there are 2 types plants which just look nice and then the fruits and veggies. You weed and water in the garden, then harvest when its time you can eat your harvest or sell it.

Ok few webkinz tips weed every day, Watering is not needed from what I can see.

And the plants that grow the tallest should be put in the back other wise you will not see the shorter ones that grow behind it.If you plan on selling, Strawberries seem to be the best plant to grow and harvest in the webkinz game.

Also leave 1 space near the door to the garden open, this gives you a little extra wiggle room and if you adopt a pet, it gives it a space for it to appear.

More webkinz tips to come or if you have one that you want to share use the contact us page, and share your tip. I will review it and then will add it with the other tips if its appropriate.

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