What is a Weapon Build?

A weapon build is the way you have a weapon crafted for your character, to make your character stronger.

Each game is different, but the general idea is used to create your build.

Depending on the online game and the over all build, you will have to pick which steps to follow and which ones not too. First is to decide which weapon or weapons you are going to use with your character. Some weapons are character specific, so make sure you can use the weapon before you make it.

The Steps

  • When you determine the stats on your weapon, decide what is the most important for your over all build and place the proper stats on your weapon.
  • If you are going to be switching weapons, for reasons of different elemental damage, but keeping same type of weapon, you will want to keep the same stats so not to hurt your build.
  • If you are switching weapons to switch stats around, try to keep as much of the original stats as possible, to drastic a change could hurt you. For example, you are using a sword with +60 hp and +6 strength you decide switch to a axe with +6 dexterity +6 quick, because you wanted to attack faster but at the same time you just lost 60 hp, and that is like taking damage in a fight.
  • Always make your build on the best possible weapon you can.
  • Always put weapon specific stats on that weapon. + to sword that would go on your sword. If you put +sword on a axe you have wasted a prime slot for something useful.
  • Only put the most important stats in your weapon build.
Remember it is the overall build you are looking at, so make sure you do the build all together to max out your stats. Piece by piece is ok but you may make more mistakes that way.

Take your time on the build, put it on paper before you start crafting your build, or any part of the build that way you can see what needs to be done.

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