Wanted: Some More Than Others

There are several Wanted Quests for the War in Kryta.(article continues below)

Each quest is a single boss that Salma wants you to defeat. However getting to the boss and fighting those around him will be the challenge. Each of these quests can be done in either hard or normal mode. If done in hard mode though, you will receive a larger reward.

In order to do any of the wanted you need to have started the war in Kryta and done a few of the quests in the line to open these up. All of these are in the original guild wars game, so having that is a must, otherwise you will not be able to do these quests.

The 3 Leaders

Inquisitor Bauer or Leet skill - Ravenous Gaze or Weaken Knees

Inquisitor Lashona - Leet Skill - Burning Arrow

Inquisitor Lovisa - Leet Skill - Savannah Heat

The Daily Quests

Insatiable Vakar - Leet Skill - Soldier's Fury Soldier's Fury

Amalek the Unmerciful - Leet Skill - Blessed Light

Carnak the Hungry - Leet Skill - Earth Shaker

Valis the Rampant -Leet Skill - Melandru's Shot

Cerris - Leet Skill - Aura of the Lich

Sarnia the Red-Handed - Leet Skill - Temple Strike

Destor the Truth Seeker - Leet Skill - Spirit's Strength

Selenas the Blunt - Leet Skill - Magehunter's Smash

Justiciar Amilyn - Leet Skill - "You're All Alone!"

Maximilian the Meticulous Leet Skill - Energy Surge

Joh the Hostile Leet Skill - "Coward!"

Barthimus the Provident Leet Skill - Ray of Judgement

Calamitous - Leet Skill - Destructive Was Glaive

Greves the Overbearing Leet Skill - Shove

Lev the Condemned - leet skill - Onslaught

Justiciar Marron Leet Skill - Toxic Chill

Justiciar Kasandra Leet Skill - Zealous Vow

Vess the Disputant Leet Skill - Elemental Attunement

Justiciar Kimii Leet Skill - Tease

Zaln the Jaded Leet Skill - Spiteful Spirit

Justiciar Sevaan Leet Skill - Power Block


While the wanted are sometimes a pain to do, there are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself.

1. Look at the reward. If the reward is only one or two supplies more do the quest in normal mode, the extra for doing in hard mode just isn't worth the time it will take to do it.

2. Interrupts are essential on these quests, and one of my favorites is Panic. This elite mesmer skill can hit multiple mobs and can interrupt multiple mobs.

3. Tactical retreats. Retreat when things look bad, start to go bad, or the moment you feel things are about to go south. These quests you can easily get overwhelmed quickly, it's better to back off than wipe. Besides, sometimes this spreads them out so you can beat a few of the stragglers at a time.

4.The groups with these wanted bosses oftentimes have Rez's, and because of this it is advisable to defeat those mobs first.

5. The white mantle mob names can be deceiving, a white mantle ritualist may not actually be a ritualist. It may be a monk or even a necromancer. So watching the skills they use will be very useful to knowing what they actually are.

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