Violence in the Streets

Winds of Change "Violence in the Streets" is the...
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23rd Quest in the series of the Winds of Change content. You start this quest by talking to Guardsman Qao Lin in Kaineng City.

While this quest at first seems like it's going to be a huge fight fest, it turns out that it really isn't.

For the majority of this quest you will be running, there are a couple fights you will be part of.

You will quickly notice that the mobs are fighting each other, which is why this makes this quest mainly a running quest, it also makes it easy to sneak by the mobs.

The Following video shows the path to follow Enjoy

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Tips to Violence in the Streets

There are going to be lots of bodies lying around making this a Minion Masters dream quest. So having a Minion Master and or a SoS Ritualist will be extremely helpful. The builds I use in the video, and that my friends use can be found by subscribing to our guides page where you can find my hero's guide that has my basic builds and the concepts behind them to create your own. Subscribe to the Right. Tell you what I'll give you a sample of our free guides on the Free Stuff page

Having interrupts will be very handy.

As said this quest is easy to run, so having a toon with a run skill can make this a very quick quest.

To finish of this quest there are 2 bosses that need to be defeated, they start off green, then will go hostile, and then green again and yes both need to turn green agian.

Having healers that can keep your group alive is mandatory, So setting them to passive so all they do is heal is Key.

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