The Turkinator Achievement done easy

The Turkinator Achievement is driving you crazy no matter how fast you are you cant find the next dang Wild Turkey, or maybe you get up to 24 then just don't have time to find another one.

Then there is all that turkey meat just laying there that you could have sold or used for your cooking for another achievement. What are you going to do? Even with your mount speed buff skills just cant reach the next turkey fast enough after killing the ones n the area.

No Fears I have the solution. Its gonna sound crazy and nuts but SLOW DOWN. What slow down? You are crazy. Ok before you take off let me explain. The Turkeys respawn at a rate that's just slow enough that if you take your time they will respawn in time for you to kill again when you have cleared out the other turkeys in area.

What you need for this to work to get The Turkinator Achievement

A area with about 10-20 wild turkeys. There are several of these area in the starting area. just look for one with a ton of the birds.

Then your gonna need some time because your not gonna kill the next turkey right away instead your going to let the count down get to 7 or 8 sec left. During your wait you want to look for your next target. Once its at the 7-8 sec mark kill the bird and pick up your meat. Head over to the next turkey. Repeat this process till you have defeated 40 turkeys.

A little Warning doing this during the prime hours will be more difficult unless you find a spot were there is not much activity.

One Last thing to make this easier bring a friend along who will scout out the next Wild Turkey. This way you will know were the next one is.

Happy Hunting.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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