A Treatys a Treaty

Winds of Change "A Treatys a Treaty" is the...
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28th Quest in the series of the Winds of Change content. You start this quest by talking to Soar Honorclaw in Kinya Province.

Another Wave after Wave quest GAHHHHH!!! We all know I hate these ones, and this one is no different. I would add a small rant here but not going to. As far as this one goes it isn't quite as bad as many of the others, mainly because the way this one is set up.

This quest gives the players a advantage if you want to use it. the advantage is you can bottle neck the mobs at the gate.

The Following video shows the path to follow Enjoy

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Tips to A Chance Encounter

Having a Minion Master and a Good SoS Ritualist will be almost mandatory if you decide to bottle neck the mobs at the gate. (The builds I use in the video, and that my friends use can be found by subscribing to our guides page where you can find my hero's guide that has my basic builds and the concepts behind them to create your own. Subscribe to the Right. Tell you what give you a sample of our free guides on Free Stuff page)

A player that is a trapper can be very nice to have here, mainly because if you use a trapper and the minions and spirt's to handle the mobs at the gate the mobs drop faster.

Having interrupts will be very handy.

Do not panic, panicking allows for mistakes, So try to stay calm.

Make sure healers are on passive to keep them healing.

As Always
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