The Three Wise Norn

To begin The Three Wise Norn you will need to head to Eye of the North(article continues below)

and then you need to speak with Casey Carpenter. After you receive the quest you need to talk too 3 NPC, Carlisle Gavenport, Orwin Radcliff, and Allyn Brand. Each one will give you a gift to give to a norn. Once you have the gifts head outside the Eye of the North.

There Are 3 norn in the area Helga the Cub wants the snowflake, Brartak the Glutton wants the chestnuts, Galbraum the Intoxicated wants the eggnog. Once all 3 have the items head back in and talk to Casey Carpenter. and your done. This one is fast and easy.


A map for the guild wars quest The Three Wise Norn

Hmmm, lets see tips, ummm none really, other than there may be one fight and that's it.

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