The Showdown Effect

The Showdown Effect is one of these games that will appeal to many different gamers and many non-gamers alike. The game its self uses comedy and parody to its advantage since there is not really a story to follow.

There are many types of characters to unlock, and depending on what version of the game you bought you will have between 2 and 4 characters unlocked. These characters are all stereotypical movie characters from the 80's and 90's.

You should be able to Identify who the actor is that they are parodying, and what movie/movies the type of character it is from.  Along With all of that there are plenty of other references in the game (Easter eggs) to keep you pleasantly surprised, my favorite is in a sudden death match when you see Godzilla fighting the giant robot , on a very specific map. 

The only problem i see with the game is that it is only a multilayer game, there is no way to practice  alone, there is a training feature in the game that is about speed  and destroying non moving dummies. This however is just a minor problem. 

The Graphics while not going to win any awards are still very good and work well with the game.  The Game Controls are fairly fairly simple, and work well with the game.

The Showdown Effect  is most fun when played against friends, and you can set up a private server for just that the game allows  up to 8 players  in a match, and if  your not feeling up to playing you could always just spectate a match and learn your Enemy's.... umm  I mean friends moves.


If you want to just get to the good part, the Fighting. It Starts at 3:40 on the Video.

Killman of Dark Entity Gaming's Video This link takes you to His YouTube Channel and Starts 4 min in where the fight between He and Battle out a 2nd Match. The 1st 4 minutes of his video just goes over what mine did.

As Always

Play the game Your Way


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