Sylvari a Plant Race
That Will Grow on You

The Sylvari is the Newest race to Tyria, they are a...

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plant race, that when awakened are fully grown. Do not think they are foolish or gullible, for while they are growing beneath the Pale Tree they are in a dream like state learning all they can from those who have awakened before them.

This race may seem pure and innocent, however they are fighting the nightmare that is trying to corrupt there race by infiltrating the dream, many have gone to the nightmares side, many of there loved ones, however they realize that as dangerous as nightmare is so is the dragon, and so they will fight a battle on 2 sides, especially since they can not be corrupted by the dragon, only by nightmare.

Playing this Race

They have some pretty interesting racial skills (seed turrets), that could be fairly useful if the mobs didn't almost always destroy them instantly. The area you start off in with this race is very nice visually, however it can sometimes be a bit confusing getting around, this is especially so for there home city the Grove.

There are 3 main questions that will affect your story.

Which quest they dreamed of.

Most important of Ventari's teachings.

What day time cycle they were born in.

Racial Skills

Utility skills

Grasping Vines - Stops a foe from being able to move, until the vines are destroyed.

Seed Turret - Summons A turret that attacks foes

Elite Skills

Summon Druid Spirit - Summons a Druid Spirit to fight for you

Summon Fern Mastiff - Summons a Fern Hound to fight for you

Take Root - You become immobilized, however you Summon several Seed Turrets

Healing Skills

Healing Seed - Create a Healing Seed which periodically gives nearby allies Regeneration

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