The Suzan Interview :
A Adult Female Gamer

The Suzan interview is going to be another great interview I think. This time I got to interview a female gamer.

Suzan is her gamer tag, She is a finance director at the Bob Baker Lexus in El Cajon Ca, and plays online games.She is 50+ in age and is a gamer, and just happens to be in the same guild as I am in Guild Wars.

ok lets begin:

1) What do you think makes a true gamer?

True gamer:. Someone who is into all kinds of different games and loves them all.

2) What Online games do you play? and which is your favorite and why?

Online games I play…Guild Wars , City of Villains/heroes , poker, I have lots of friends at Pogo and Slingo where we play a variety of games, chat , play tricks on each other…My favorite is Guild wars. It is such an escape from the stress of my job. It also keeps me sharp by posing me with numerous situations that I have to figure out the best way to do it , along with my trusted team mates!

3) Do you have any tips for gamers or ever gotten any that you would like to share?

Tips… find a game you like to play , get all your friends to play it with you ! Enjoy and have lots of laughs!

4) What do you think makes a great gamer?

What makes a great gamer…someone who is willing to go the long haul. Willing to help their team /guild get to a goal that their striving to do, without any reservations.

5) Anything you think that is important for a gamer to know?

Most important thing to remember is your attitude . your there to have fun! So relax ! have fun !

6) What was your best gaming day? and worst?

Best gaming day… there all good when you get to play with your friends.. there are no bad days if you remember why your playing … to relax , have fun and enjoy!

7) What type of character class do you prefer playing?

In Guild Wars my favorite character to play.. ummmm depends on my mood..but I think usually it’s a support character like my ritualist, she can do damage and help keep the team healthy

Specific Questions

A) I understand you work for a car company mind telling what one?

I work for Lexus Dealership

B) Do you have any tips on buying a vehicle?

Tips on buying a vehicle …pay the window sticker! Let the poor salesperson pay his rent! Seriously ,do your research online , browse different manufacturers web sites to see the different models and their pricing. Figure out what your looking for before you go to dealership, that way your saving yourself a lot of time!

C) Do you have a particular vehicle that you like and why?

Particular vehicle I like… I like Lexus LX570.. roomy and big enough for everyone to see you and get out of your way !

D) Lets say I want to buy a vehicle is there a better time to come in for a great deal? like noon on the 3rd day of October, or is it relatively the same?Best time to buy.. dealers are always looking to sell .But usually best bargains are when their selling out last year’s model and have new models coming in. I can tell you worst time is closing time, yes sales people are just like you at the end of the day! Want to go home be with their family , and play !

E) What is the most popular car your company sells? and why is it that popular in your opinion?

I think our most popular vehicle is the Rx350 .. It is very versatile.. sits a little higher off the ground so you can see road better , easy to get in and out of. Has lots of cargo space , gets good gas mileage compared to other makes sport utility vehicles and is priced very affordable in it’s class

Thank you Suzan for this interview.

Well here I am kinda little urked with my self, Just thought of a couple really good questions and this interview is done, but who knows maybe I will ask anyways and post them here later, or do another one with her later on and ask them then. We will have to wait and see.

As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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