The Supa Interview

The Supa Interview:

I sent him a e-mail with questions on it and he sent it back Because it was so good I just going put it up pretty close to the original with minor edits.

ok lets begin:

Gamer Tag : Typically I use either Supa Phly, DCapitator, or variations of Phly and DCapitator (such as The DCapitator, Darth Phly, Spanish Phly, etc.). DCapitator goes back to the old AOL 3.0 days, when all that was allowed was 10 characters for names. I'm not on AOL anymore, but the name stuck.

Gender: Since you want the truth, I'll have to answer with male.

Age: I'm currently 31, but have been gaming since I was about 4 or 5. Back with the Atari, Pac-Man, Combat, Air, Sea Battle, etc. Then when the NES came out, was all over that. The first system I bought myself was the SNES (even though I had a Sega Genesis at the time). I didn't get a Playstation until I went to college. Got a Nintendo 64 when I was with my future wife. Then after I was married, I got a Dreamcast (at a used games dealer). I miss the Dreamcast. They had some REALLY neat games on it. And in some aspects, they were ahead of their time. Then got a Playstation 2, and eventually an XBox. And after that, nothing. I still have my Playstation 2, but that's it. Oh, and got my kids a Nintendo DS.

Even though everything mentioned above are consoles, I've ALWAYS stuck with PC Gaming. I played games on the Apple II variants. Some of my all time favorites of were on the Apple II's, like Diamond Mine, Moon Patrol, Bolo, Karateka, and more. I just can't remember them all.

I remember playing Doom on an IPX network for multiplayer with using DOS commands. I miss Wing Commander. I've played them all. I hate how they just let Wing Commander Prophecy drop, without a sequel. But that's because of EA buying out Origin Studios, and Chris Roberts left and formed Digital Anvil. And yes, he created other space shooters, like Starlancer and Freelancer (which was good), but they were no Wing Commanders. At that time, I also played X-Com: UFO Defense, and X-Com: Terror from the Deep. I'm glad to see that they're now available on Valve's Steam network. ( Also, about that time, Mechwarrior 2 came out, and I've followed ALL of those (including the Mech Commander series). I didn't care about the XBox variations of it.

I remember when Half Life first came out. I was in a mood for a First Person Shooter (FPS). And the only FPS they had at the store was that one. I never heard of it before, there was no media hype to it. It was new, completely under any magazine's radar. Saw nothing about it on the internet. So I took a chance. From that point forward, I was a Half Life convert. Any expansion, or sequel based on it, I've played to completion. I've gotten more joy from that series, than any other. I remember when the Team Fortress mod first came out. That was awesomeness incarnate.

Questions general

1) What do you think makes a true gamer?

I don't believe there is a thing such as a "true gamer". Anybody that plays, either casually, or dedicated can be a "true gamer". I know with my life, sometimes its so hectic, I don't get to play as much, or as many games as I would like to. But with so many games out there, and with how most of them I lose interest in before I'm halfway through with it, its kind of hard to give that term to anybody.

Some people could define it as, "someone who is dedicated to any, and all games, and plays them to completion." Truth is, there are too many games out there, too many different types of games out there, too many genres and sub-genres, too many consoles, and too many games have similar storylines, and that, for me, has come to the point of why should I even bother playing them?

Most games lack substance. That little bit of initiative, or that little plot twist, or puzzle in the game, to keep me coming back to it. And yes, FPS's can have puzzles in it. Just look at Portal, or play any of the Half Life series, where you have to figure your way around things, instead of just the whole thing being reflex motivated (like F.E.A.R.). I enjoyed Battlefield 2, and almost Battlefield 2142. 2142 felt more like Star Wars Battlefront 2. Which you have to board the opposing teams ship and blow it up for victory.

2) What Online games do you play? and which is your favorite and why?

Currently, I play World of Warcraft. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I would cancel my subscription to it, and then restart it again. The most recent time is because some people I know from a different Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Role-Playing Game (RPG) started playing it. So I started playing it again.

I stayed with Guild Wars for over a year. I've had it for over 2 years now, but only play it when they have their in-game festivities, or to log in and talk to the people that I played alongside that are there still playing it.

I've tried other online games, and they just don't have the staying power with me. There are other single player, non-online, games out there that I want to play, but my computer has become the bare minimum specifications to play them. So I won't dwell on that topic at this time.

3) Do you have any tips for gamers or ever gotten any that you would like to share?

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, START That is the most famous cheat code of all time for a game on the NES called "Contra".

As far as tips? Don't really have any. Advice, sure. My advice is this, don't ever buy into the hype of a game. The more hyped it is, the more likely it is to be garbage. Just because you see it on TV, or what looks like a kick-azz game trailer, just remember, they're showing you the best the game has to offer.

I feel that Assassins Creed, Lost Planet, are just a couple of examples of over hyped games. They were decent, but they didn't knock my socks off with the awesomeness that was portrayed. A good game doesn't have to be a blockbuster title. It just has to be fun, and enjoyable. Heck, it doesn't even have to have any replayability. Just the memory of enjoying it is what makes me look forward to the sequel.

4) What do you think makes a great gamer?Great gamer??? What the hell is a great gamer? Are you talking about those so called "professional" gamers? I think they've lost perspective of the whole point of gaming. To have fun, and to lose just as much as you win.

5)Anything you think that is important for a gamer to know?

This is more for computer gamers. Don't over-buy your hardware, but don't under-buy it as well. Buy what you can afford, and afford to upgrade later. It doesn't have to be top of the line, nor does it have to be bottom of the barrel. Just get something that will run the game decent, and well. Everybody wants a Ferrari, but sometimes, a Mustang will do just fine.

6) What was your best gaming day? and worst?I wouldn't say "day" so much as "moment" Best gaming moments? Pulling off something difficult, and reverse the losing outcome of the team I'm on. I've stepped into several online FPS's, and contributed heavily to reversing my teams losing status. And I'm sure there are times where others have done the same thing. Where you just step in, at the right time, the right place, said the right things, and everything starts coming together. Whether it be a change of strategy, and organizing others, or you step in, and just start contributing the best you can, and listening to someone else. Where the team that was ahead 2 to 1 or 3 to 1, or higher, and you start seeing the opposing team unfold. Its almost like magic.

Worst gaming moment? Whenever people that are on the same team, and aren't working together to win, and just doing their own thing, and then blaming the other team members for the entire team's loss. If you don't want to work as a team, there are other games out there that are pure deathmatch. Go to them.

7) Has a game ever inspired you to do anything non-game related, or inspired you to do something else outside of the game?

Yes. Guitar Hero: World Tour inspired me to go out, and get a real guitar, and start trying to learn how to play it. I figured, "If I'm only able play this song, with the game, how much better am I going to feel, if I'm able to play the real thing, anytime I want, without having to play the game?"

In a way, I view learning play a real guitar as a game, except with greater reward. What sounds better, "Oh I played [Song Name Here] on Expert difficulty with 90% notes hit." or "Oh, I taught myself to play [Song Name Here] with a real guitar, and learned 40% of it."

I didn't know this until after I started teaching myself how to play guitar, but Ted Nugent said, "The Guitar Hero game is a riot. My son's a master at it! I mean if he can play a guitar like he plays Guitar Hero he'd be in my band." And he also said that he tried to play Guitar Hero, but he felt like a bumbling idiot. For the video, here's a link to one of them. (

8) When I said for the interview, "Thanks for the help. if you don't do it np can't hurt to ask unless you hit me with a crow bar for asking lol Laterz" What was your first thought?

Gordon Freeman's crowbar. From the Half-Life series. Its the very first weapon you get in that game, and is almost irreplaceable at times. Its definitely one of the most recognized, and celebrated, weapons in gaming history. Besides the BFG from the Doom series.

9) What is your favorite game(s) of all time?

Definitely the Half-Life series. Hands down. I wish there were more X-Com type games out there, or being made. But I think that's the last we're going to see of them.

10) What is your favorite type of game?

For some reason, FPS's are my most preferred. Although I do spend a lot of time with RPG's. Online and offline RPG's. I also like space shooters, and some flight combat simulators. I don't like the ultra-realistic ones though. They take the fun out of the game.

11) What is your least favorite type of game?

Real time strategy games. Like the Command and Conquor, and Warhammer series. The only ones I liked were the Warcraft/Starcraft series. If a game gets too complex, it takes the fun out of it.

12) What is your most memorable in-game moment?

The Normandy beach landing in Medal of Honor. And in Starcraft, I think it is the third mission, where you have to build up a defense from the alien insects that are about to overrun your base.

13) Aside from gaming, what other hobbies do you have?

Well, I already mentioned teaching myself to play the guitar. I also watch some tv, not much though. I like things that make me think, and use my imagination. Stuff to kind of fill in the gaps.

14) What movies/tv shows do you like?

Right now, I'm kind of partial to Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica. The old and the new ones. Especially Doctor Who. I remember watching it on PBS when I was a kid. I LOVED Firefly. That's one that they should DEFINITELY bring back. Oh, and Invader Zim. Even though that was a cartoon on Nickelodeon (sp) and was becoming more bizarre each episode. It would still worth bringing back. There's others I like. Such as Robot Chicken, Futurama, and Simpsons. If you don't like them, then as Bender says, "You can kiss my shiny metal ass".

Complaint moment: I wish Battlestar Galactica would have done less drama, and more space battles. There was so much potential for that, and I think they just got lost in the drama of it all. Although it does have its own storyline, there are flaws in it. I mean, how can they have 2 or 3 years worth of fuel at the beginning of the story, and 9 months later be out of it? Its that little bit of inattention to detail like that which bothers me. At this point, since I don't like it, I guess I can kiss their shiny metal...

I liked Cloverfield. I like how they left a lot of the story to your imagination. I also liked Screamers and Event Horizon. But other than Sci-Fi type movies/shows, I like comedies, action, horror, and some drama. Not much drama though. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz rock! And so does most of Quentin Terantino's stuff.

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