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even MMoRPGS, while most people think Free to Play if there is no monthly fee, there may been a cost to buy the game. This is where I make a distinction. Free to Play has no cost you at all to be able to play the game, which includes buying game.

No Monthly Fee Games, on the other hand, has an upfront cost after which there is no cost in playing the game. Many times subscription free games will have an expansion that will cost an additional fee, once again, these are one-time fees.

So how do No Monthly Free games make actual money to continue making good content for their games? It's very simple, these expansions and the use of in game stores. In game stores allow the game to sell in game items to players for real life cash.

So are No Monthly Fee games better then the counter parts that make you pay to play? The simple answer to this is no. However, the pay to play games have a larger amount of money to create new content from, so they are normally updating their games more often.

This is not mean that a No Monthly Fee Game is inferior to a pay to play.

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Pros and Cons of Subscription Free Games


1. No Monthly Fees: this means you received over $150 a year on average.

2. You can stop and restart the game at no cost, making it very easy to play other games if you want a break from the game.


1. Fewer updates, all this means is that as much content created as fast as pay to play, but the content that is created is quality (usually).

2. Expansions to the game will most likely have a cost.

You may be wondering about graphics and game play if you're not paying month-to-month. This is not really a factor anymore. At one point in time. This would have been an issue. There are many great games out there today that can show that this issue is no longer a factor. And some of them will be shown on this site.

Great Subscription Free Games

One of the best No Monthly Fee Games on the market is Guild Wars. Looking for some help on Guild Wars? try our Guild wars Tip page.

Many People Say its Not a true MMOG because the way the game was designed, While this is partially true, Arena Net Is bringing out Guild War 2 soon which will definitely be a True MMOG.

Guild Wars 2 while its not officially out yet we are going to start getting the information that can be confirmed

More Great No Monthly Fee Games to Come

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