The Strength of Snow or
Pelt them till they are Blue

To begin The Strength of Snow you will need to Speak with The Rift Warden, once you have the quest... (article continues below)

Click on I am ready to be ported to the Snowmen's Cave. This is a 1 level dungeon but is pretty long. Your goal is to Help the snowmen beat back the Grentch.

This may be the easiest of the Festival quests. The trick to this one is to fight off the grentchs and make it to freezie.

The Map

Guild Wars map to The Strength of Snow, a wintersday festival quest

This mission is very easy because once you get to Freezie just hang out by the door. Freezie and his crew will fight the waves after waves of the grentch's and will die several times but will rez again to continue.

After awhile of this they will eventually win and you can go collect all the shards and the chest that will appear. Easy as cake ...Ice-cream cake that is.


1) Take your time

2) When possible fight the grentch's one at a time.

3) Stand by the door and watch as freezie and his crew wipe out the waves.

4) Freezie and his crew when they die, will rez after a few seconds. .

Good luck and Have fun

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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