Straight to the Heart or
Melt them Snowmen

To begin Straight to the Heart you will need to Speak with The Rift Warden, once you have the quest... (article continues below)

Click on I was born ready to be ported to the Snowmen's Cave. This is a 1 level dungeon but is pretty long. Your goal is to melt down the snowmen, and Freezie in particular.

Don't worry you are not alone you have a bunch of Grentch to help you. As you proceed through this dungeon you will run into snowmen and from time to time more grentch allies will pop up and help.

When you reach the last part of the dungeon Your gonna see several rows of snowmen and a group. Pull the rows to you, 2 at a time. If you have a bunch of the grentch's with you.

The Map

Guild Wars map to Straight to the Heart a wintersday festival quest


1) Take your time

2) When possible fight the snowmen one at a time.

3) Try to keep as many of the grentch's alive as you can. This is important for the final fight the more of them you have the easier it will be.

4) Grentchus Magnus when he dies will rez after a few seconds. He is the only one that will rez.

Good luck and Have fun

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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