The Solo Build
An Group of One

What is a solo build? It is the build you use as a gamer to go out and defeat mobs while surviving. Sometimes the solo build is the easiest build to create other times it is the most difficult. You will soon discover that depending on the class you play the difficulty of this build becomes easier or harder. This Also goes for the game as well.

You will need to test your build often because sometimes skills get nerfed and when that happens it can hurt the build very badly. Another reason is to make sure that it fits your play style and continues to fit it. You don't want to head out into a fight and find out that your play style has changed and your build wont work for you anymore.

Unlike any of the other builds you have only you and your skills to rely on, you don't have another player backing you up. So anything that happens is your fault, this is actually a good thing it helps remind us that we are not perfect so when we do group we don't get angry at the other person.

All chars can be used to solo its just how difficult will they be to do so, because each game is different I will go over the primary use of the character class, sometimes some classes have a trick build that will allow them for superb soloing but many games this is not true. so just the primary skills is the basis for difficulty.

Solo Build Classes

Healer - This is one of the more difficult class to play,mainly because you do not do the damage that is needed to defeat mobs quickly. The think with this class is that you do have a higher survival rate because of your healing ability.

Rouge - This class is one of the easier classes to solo with in most games. Most games they have stealth and do massive damage at first so they defeat solo mobs quickly.They do have problems with groups.

Tank - May be the easiest class to solo with in most games. They have good damage , excellent protection, and most of all lots of hit points. and can take out more than just one mob at a time if they have to but there is a limit to this. There weak point is range and facing magic casters.

Caster - Another skilled solo class this one gives you high damage at range, sometimes if you have the right caster type you may have a pet that can tank for you and you can use you damage spells to help defeat the foe quickly. Some of the caster classes are even easier to use than the tank. The big thing here is if anything gets into melee range you are in trouble you do not have the armor or the HP to fight in melee range.

The Solo Build Ideas

When you create this build you need to find a balance of damage and survivability for many situations. I suggest looking at your skills closely. most games have a skill bar of 8-10 slots we will go with a 8 slot so that if your game has more you can add in other skills.

The first 4 skills should be about damage doing as much damage as fast as possible. The 5 and 6 slots should be some defensive skills to reduce the damage done to you or stop it totally. Slot 7 is a ranged skill for pulling, cor casters this is just another spell for them but for tanks this will make your life much easier if you have one. The last one is a way to heal yourself and quickly if things go bad.

A solo build is not normally meant to take on several foes at ones but 1 at a time tho you could make it into several at once if you plan of farming. The solo build is a quick 1v1 fights that allow you defeat your foe then move to the next one only taking a break as needed.

This build is also one you will want to use when you group with people you do not know because it will give you the highest chance of survival only difference here is if you can bring a rez do it that way you can bring other back to help fight if needed.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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Gamer Terms
Basic Gamer Talk

 Mobs - monsters you fight

 Aoe - Area of effect

 Pbaoe - Point blank area  of effect

 U - This is simply You

  Npc - Non player  character

 Dmg - This is Damage

  Leet - This is when  something is really good

 Magic - This is what  allows you to cast spells

 Mana - This is also magic

 Power - another word for  magic

 Regen - This refers to  regeneration

 Squishy - characters that  take a lot of damage

 Rez - means resurrection

 Melee - Close range  combat

 Noob/newbie - Usually  talking about a new  person

 MT - Means wrong chat  miss tell

 LC/LD - Mean lost  Connection