Snowball Dominance OR
Here's now in your Eye

To begin Snowball Dominance you will need to have done The Three Wise Norn and Charr-broiled Plans , if you have... (article continues below)

speak with Casey Carpenter in the Eye of the North. After you receive the quest Speak with him again this will begin the quest. You will appear outside of the Eye of the North. After a few moments the side that your not standing at will all turn red (by the way that team has way more members) and the fight begins if you want help fight a little feel free but once your team has dwindled down back out and get ready to do some fancy pulling.

This fight your allowed one hero or player or henchmen to come along with you. I suggest a rit if possible. If your a rit a monk will be the choice you want.

This quest is not timed and is all about pulling. Once your team is wiped out and you can see who left is standing on the field, your going to attempt pulling one at a time to you and your friend.

The way this is done is throw one snowball at your target then run back to where your friend is, waiting to throw a snowball with a rock in it to knock down the target. You and your partner proceed to defeat each one like this till there is none left.

It is possible to do this with only one person, doing so is very difficult.

The Map

Tips to Snowball Dominance

There is 2 ways of doing this mission the first which is the safest is to back out of where the fighting is going to happen and watch the fight till none of the dots are fighting, then pull from that point.

The 2nd way which is not so safe is to do some fighting up front knocking out as many of the dots you can with your team then backing out when you think you need to in order to start the pulling part of this. While this has a higher chance of getting you and your teammate knocked out, it however does speed up the process.

Bonus : there is a 3rd and very much more crazy method. One of you moves to a safe spot the other attacks with the team and proceeds to attack until they believe it is unsafe and moves to the safe zone. while this is a combination of the 2 tactics above, this can backfire leaving only one person to try to clear out several dots

If both you and your partner lose the game is over and you port back to the eye.

Good luck and Have fun

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