Skillz is the Name of the Game

Get Any Game Free with GamePassDo you have game? You got Skillz? No matter what you call it, it is skill plain and simple. What is it? Skills are the means in which you can complete, beat, or win without having to resort to unsavory practices. That's right you are better than someone or something else.

For some its a talent others have to work at gaining it. Why would you want some Skills? It allows you to do something better than what people may expect. Having skillz in gaming is highly prized becuase the better you are the easier things go.

So do you think you have what it takes to make this claim? Try playing a game against another player. There are many ways to play against players my favorite is in PvP in mmorpg games others like games were its directly against another player with out having to worry about someone else jumping in on the fight.

Games that require Skillz

Mmorpg's - These games have many players playing at one time the main thing here is PvP or Player Vs Player. These battles can be interrupted by other players and so in order to survive you will need some luck and skillz. Games Like WoW and Guild Wars are part of this category.

These games are Quite time extensive (several hours a day) and require lots of knowledge as well about character classes, builds, skills, armor, weapons, and so much more. You do learn it all but during this time you are at a disadvantage.

Do not let that discourage you from playing the rewards though after you do learn the game and you gain the skillz you need the actual thrill of beating other good players is fun.

Multiplayer - Ok this is like a mmorpg but on a smaller scale. Games like Starcraft and Diablo fit in this section.

Games like Starcraft and Diablo will have you connect to friends computers or other players using the net by a server or you using your computer to host the game. These games usually have a limit on the number of players able to join some were around 6-10 players.

The competition in these games can be intense and frustrating if you are not use to these games so practice is strongly suggested. Play the actual game before you start challenging other players. These games last just a few hours usually maybe a day or 2 but they do end unlike mmorpg's.

Casual Internet Games - These games are sites that allow you to play against other players, one such site is Game Duell.

These sites are extremely fun they are not stressful you can relax and play a quick game many of the games will not take more than 15- 20 min to play most are even quicker than that.

Lets go with Game Duell and how it works.

Most of the games you should be familiar with, like solitaire. What? Solitaire is a solo game yes and no. What they have done to this game is allow you to play solo while gaining points once the timer is up (yep you have a limited amount of time) the game is over and the points are looked at to see who won. Player with the most points win.

You also are ranked in each game after a win or a loss. What this does is put you against other players that are in your ranking category. That way you only face players that are close to your skillz level in that game.

They have several games that you can play few of my favorites are:

Pirate Ships - this one is battle ship, in this game you get 2 misses then it’s the other players turn. Object is to sink all the other players ships

Solitaire Classic - just your normal old solitaire with a twist. You play alone but got to be fast your up against a clock. Your rival is up against same clock and you both have the same exact deck and draws. Winner is the one who has the most points, points are gained by placing the cards.

Pyramid - Another solitaire type game but this one has 3 pyramids that are interconnected the object is to break down the pyramids as fast as possible before the timer runs out. This game is won by points.

There are many other games to play as well. The games are fun and enjoyable.

Game Duell has 2 forms of play, Practice and Money.

Practice Play where you play with free game duell money each game does cost some of the game money to play but if you win you gain money, if you lose you lose what it cost to play. It's all part of the game. Practice players cant play all of the games like money players. Practice Play is free to join.

Money Players have access to everything on the site. Money players play with actual money against each other. Allowing you to win money while also losing money if you lose. To become a money player you need to pay at minimum a $10 start off.

GameDuell Inc. - Play online games

They have plenty of contests to win actual money and prizes for money players as well and you can do the practice games as much as you want as a money player as well.

Game Duell is a great site to go play a game against other players for fun.When you only have a few minutes to play. I like using them as a quick break. To take my mind off whatever I'm working on for a few minutes.

My suggestion is to try it out on the practice play first see if you like it.

Flash Games - these ability games are solo games were you test your playing ability against the game see if you can beat it. These too are great casual games to play when you need a break most of these will just take a few minutes to play some though can be played for a while.

Please remember: Everyone has L33T Skillz, Sometimes you Just Have to Find Them.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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