Do You Have L33T Skills
And Willing To Use Them

Picking your skills or abilities is not always easy, and it's not always fun, but must be done in order for your character to be played effectively. So just throw those ability's together that look good and play right? Wrong, you need to figure out what skills will work for you and how they work in combination with each other.

You could just go to a web site that gives you a bunch of builds that work, but these may not fit your play style. Like I said these builds normally work and many players use them. If your lucky your play style will work with one of these builds. However most likely they wont.

What is play style?

Play style is the combination of what a character can do, and the way a player likes to play.

Lets say Player1 likes to run head first into battles and she/he chose a monk as his/her character. At first glance you think, what a bad combination. You soon discover that Player1 is not only defeating many mobs or players but is doing some healing as needed as well.

Now lets take Player2 same thing likes to run in head first into battles plays a monk, but as you watch you soon see he/she is lying face down in the dirt defeated.

The 2 scenarios

Let us say that both players are using the exact same skills. They have played the game same amount of time. So why is it that player 2 is lying in the dirt and player 1 is thriving?

Most gamers would say its due to the fact that player 2 is just not a good player and is a noob. I don’t believe this for a second. What it comes down to is player2 did not have the proper skills for his play style.

The fact is in this scenario that player 1 may move around more and hit different targets when they saw that it was close to being defeated and heals when a teammate is at 30% life.

Where player 2 heals at 50% life and stays on one target till its defeated. So for player2 using player1's skills was not a good idea.

Ok, for the 2nd one same thing except they are using 2 different builds

Once again Player 1 made the build for their play style so they do well .

Player 2 is using a build they saw on a web site it works ok, but they end up in the dirt. The reason is player2 is using skills that doesn’t go along with their play of style.

Play styles can and do change, some players can alter their play style to fit in with many types of groups, others can't. Either way your skills you use need to fit you.

Pick your profession or class on what you like to do.

Healer - heals and buffs, then normally have some damage spells that are not as strong as most casters.

Caster - a spell caster with many high damage spells, may be able to slow down or stop enemies

Tank - a close up fighter, they take a lot of damage but dishes it out as well.

Rouge - there are normally 2 types; one a ranged fighter they use a bow to attack their foes from far away, the other is a close up fighter but uses quick attacks to damage their enemies while wielding 2 weapons.

Hybrid - is a mix of 2 of the above professions to create another class, usually a tank class with magic abilities having some strengths of one class and weaknesses of the other.

Most professions /classes fall into one of the above choice carefully. If you make a mistake make another character until you find one you like.

The reason you make a profession choice now is because the profession chosen decides on what type of skills you will be able to use.After you have chosen your profession its time to determine your play style.

How do you like to play? What do you do more often?Do you rush in or wait and see what the mobs are going to do?Do you like casting spells over weapon attacks ?Ranged over close combat?Healing over fighting?Are you a we can beat them no matter what type of gamer or willing to make a retreat to regroup?

These are the types of questions you need to ask your self to discover your play style. There is no one best play style, just as there is no one best skill or best build. What makes the character good is You and the way you play.

The Quick Bar

Many games have a bar that you set your abilities on, this is called a quick bar, this bar allows you to click the ability you want and the character performs the action. These bars can hold several abilities normally 8 to 10. I'm only going to go over how to choose these 8 to 10 abilities because they should be the most important one you will be using. Note: In some games you are limited to just these abilities.

Other games you have more than 1 bar or can change them as you go some even give you the ability to switch to a 2nd bar with another set of abilities or more on the same bar. Some even have key abilities, which is basically when you use the keyboard to make a action that is not on the bars you can see. These skills will come naturally as you play.

Your Set Up

Most online games allow you to change your default setting for the keyboard and mouse to allow you to have more control over the game. What I mean by this is if you like having your character auto run by hitting R, then you can set it up that way. Maybe you like to attack by using the space bar well, you can set it up that way. They way you normally set up the bar is by going into the options either on the log in screen ,character screen, or in the game and changing the keyboard around from the keyboard section.

This is very important because it allows you to play more naturally for you. Not every one plays or sets up their keyboard settings the same way. Some like the default, others change things around drastically. So if you play a buddies character on their computer be ready for frustration, but NEVER change their setup with out permission.

OMG all that and we still haven’t gone over the abilities and how to choose them. Well we are here, all of the above is highly important. It is the base on which you choose your abilities are chosen from. That being said lets move to the fun part.

The Skills / Abilities

When making a choice on abilities you need to look at them in a few different ways.

Does it help me survive? Does the skill heal you or protect you.

Does it have a secondary function? A secondary function is where the abilities does 2 things. Example it does more damage and knocks down your enemy.

Does this ability have any combination possibilities? Combining skills is a way to get an edge on your enemy. Finding them is not always easy though. Example of a good combo: An ability that knocks your enemy down, then another skill that if the foe is knocked down you do even more damage than you would have if they were not.

Does it help me, or an ally more? Depending on what you are wanting you may want it to help you more or those you are grouped with.

What is the cost of the ability? Cost is everything. Does it take power? Adrenalin? Endurance? Some other stat? How much does it take to use the ability a lot ? A little?You have to decide if the ability is worth the cost.

Does the ability affect you in a positive or negative way? Maybe the ability lets you heal your self every time you hit a mob, but makes you hit for less damage, or maybe you take damage every time you use this ability. Once again you need to decide if it's worth it or not.

Do a lot of players use this skill? If a lot of players use an ability, we should ask why do they. Maybe it's because its what everyone else is doing, or maybe it's actually a good ability. Can you counter this ability without hurting your build, if you can counter an ability you may find you have a edge. (This is mainly for a key ability in a build)

This is the most important question

Does it fit my Play Style? I don’t care how great an ability is if it doesn’t fit the way you play, the skill is going to be basically useless to you.

How will this ability work in my build? This really depends on what your build is for. Is it for farming, PvP, just a general build, or getting a specific item. Once you have figured out if it will or will not work you know weather or not to use this ability.

When is it best to use this ability? A lot of gamers forget about this question. It's not as important as some of the other questions but it does have a impact. If you can only use an ability in a specific situation, then is it really gonna be useful? Or do you get in that situation a lot, and is it going to be a life savior.

There are other questions you can ask but the ones above are the important ones.

MY Rules to Skill Builds

These are my personal rules to building my quick bar. For a general build:

  • Does it fit my Play Style? If it doesn’t I won't look at it.
  • No negative effects that effect my hit points. I don’t like hurting myself, allowing a mob or another player an easier time defeating me
  • No more than 1 high cost ability. I play a healer most of the time so having more than 1 high cost ability drains my magic. Then when you need a heal you might not be able to cast.
  • Once again cost, use the lowest costing and best possible ability
  • Does this skill have a duel effect ? If it does and both are positive for me, the skill has a higher chance of landing on my bar.
  • If the ability is not countered easily, not many players use it, and so players are not sure what it does and can not be ready for it.
This rule for me is the most important one.
  • I made this build for my play style. It's not a cookie cut build

As always,

Play The Game Your Way


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