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What is a sitemap? A sitemap is the quickest way around a site when you know what you are looking for. You know that page that you saw but cant seem to find now because you forgot what page it was on. The larger a site becomes the handier this is. So check it out you may find it hard to believe but you found the treasure box to the site right here.

Home Page

Characters/ Avatar - The avatar page is all about characters in the games.

Basic Characters

Guild Wars Characters

Guild Wars Assassin
Guild Wars Dervish
Guild Wars Elementalist
Guild Wars Mesmer
Guild Wars Monk
Guild Wars Necromancer
Guild Wars Paragon
Guild Wars Ranger
Guild Wars Ritualist
Guild Wars Warrior

Builds - The Ideas of how to make you character better, by creating better armor, weapons, and how to figure which skills work and how.

Armor Builds
Character Build
Four Man Group
Duo Group Build
Group Build
Weapon Build
Solo Build
GW Character Sheet

Gamer Computer - The basics in computer needs, how to choose, buy, and more.

Buying A Computer
Cheap Gamer Computers

Free Online Flash Games - Over 30 games to play, and diffrent types go through them and find your favorite, I like Monkey Stack what will yours be?

Funny Flash Games Challenge

Gamer Desk - The desk isn't just a place to put your computer its also a world in its self, if your desk is wrong, then you may be missing out on a more enjoyable game experience.

Choosing a Desk
Desk Tips
Desk Types
Ergonomic Computer Desks

Gamer Interviews - Straight gamer talk from real gamers.

Hamil Interview
Suzan Interview
A Gamers Day
Political Game

Gamer Stuff - what gamers might like useful info, about gamers and more.

Gamer Music
Gamer Costume
Gifts for Gamers
Cheap Games
Online Addiction
Game Addiction Help
Game Ratings

Guild Wars - A MMORPG that has no month to month payments.

Guild Wars Nightfall
Guild Wars Prophecies
Guild Wars Factions
Normal Mode
GW Runner

Guild Wars Tips - Tips and Walkthrough's to guild wars missions and quests and more.

Night Fall Missions

Jokanur Diggings
Blacktide Den
Consulate Docks
Venta Cemetery
Kondnour Crossroads
Rilohn Refuge
Moddok Crevice
Canthan Festival Quests
M.O.X. Quest

Guilds - starting a guild, wanting to join one? Find out how.

Guild Wars Guild
Guild Building

Kids Games - Fun online games for Kids.

Webkinz Tips

Massive Multiplayer Online Games - General information about online games.

Farming Gold
Gamer Talk
General Information

Online Gamer - There are many types of gamers out there what type are you?

Adult Gamer
Casual Gamer
Power Gamer
PvE Gamer
PvP Gamer
Raid Leader
Gamer Manners

This is the miscellaneous things on the site.

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