The Shaman of World of Warcraft

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The World of Warcraft Shaman (shamys) is one of the least played classes in the game while being one of the most useful class to have in a group. There healing and damage dealing ability's are equal to any other class. Shamys have a few unique skills one is the totem, These stationary items buff, heal , even do damage. The other is the ability to self reincarnate (rez) , basically come back from being defeated.

The Shaman

There are 3 talents that this class can pull from.

Elemental - This talent line is used to to deal spell damage,This is one of the two damage per second (dps) lines That shamys have access too. This line increases there spells , the damage there totems do as well as reducing timers on them.

Enhancement - This is the second damage per second (dps) line, One will be amazed at how much melee damage a shamy can put out in such a small amount of time. This line can put out more Dps that the Elemental line , but one has to be near what they are fighting.

Restoration - This is the heal line, while not known for raid wide heals they do have several skills that allow them to both be tank and raid heals. Not only are they well suited for healing but their totems can increase the effectiveness of there heals as well.

Each of these talents can be pulled from or if you want you can just specialize all in one your choice.

The races you can choose from Are

Alliance - Draenei, Dwarfs (soon to be in cataclysm)

Horde - Orcs, Troll, Tauren, Goblins (soon to be in cataclysm)

Tauren - A great horde choice. They have many racial's that will help a shamy along.

War Stomp a area of effect stun that lasts 2 seconds.

Endurance is just a way to say "nananana I get more health than you" yep they actually get a 5% health boost.

Orc - While not the prettiest of races they have a strong affinity to shamys and great ability's to boost your power.

Blood Fury boosts your attack and spell power for a short time, meaning more damage from spells and melee.

Hardiness stun? what stun? well may not really stop it this passive racial reduces how long a stun is on you

Draenei - You want heals they got heals with one extra heal from your racial trait and its even a hot you will be one of the best healers around..

Gift of the Naaru A heal over time (HoT) spell that can be used on yourself or others. Having a extra heal is always good.

Heroic Presence Increases the chance to hit for everyone in your party.

There are 3 types of Shaman's

Elemental Is the Damage per Second (Dps) type. This one is spells, wind, water, earth, lightning are all in your command. With that type of power behind you who is gonna stop you?

Enhancement Time to bring the Hurt and that's what you do with enhancement, you increases your damage, even those around you become stronger and do more damage, so there is only one question Who's Next ?

Restoration All about the heals. Your friends have nothing to fear when you are there with some of the best healing ability's in the game, players will want you around for along time

Weapons and Armor

You can wear up to mail armor While this isn't the top armor this makes you suitable for taking a little damage for short time. You also get to carry a shield to block a few blows.

Weapons is really a matter of preference. OH and shamans can dual wield two one handed weapons.

One handed Axes - While often used for chopping wood, it was discovered that a axe makes a good weapon as well. used mainly by melee classes for Dps and tanking.

Two Handed Axes - Larger and slower but gives you more bang for your buck. here again used by melee classes for Dps and Tanking.

One handed Mace - A mace is a hammer of sorts used to well shmush a foe. Hammers will be geared to all sorts of classes healing, casting, even melee.

Two Handed Mace - Bigger, meaner, heavier version of the one handed. Most of these are geared for tanking and dps.

Dagger - A short bladed weapon used for slicing a foe, while very quick it is not normally as damaging unless in hands of those who know how to use them effectively. Most of these weapons are geared for dps, casting, and in some small part healing.

Reasons to Play a Shaman

You are highly wanted so its not normally to hard to find a group especially if you heal.

Self rez enough said.

The Bad Side of Being a Shaman

They have no stun

Not many around to help you understand the class.


Place your totems and pull to that spot

Relax shamans are tougher than you think

Take your time deciding your race, the racial traits can be very helpful depending on your play style.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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