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Ranger Fighting

Ranger Fighting

I've Been running for at least a year now with my ranger and have not had no complaints yet. I have a 3 screw ups half off Policy. Had to use it once when I was just starting out. I have some of the best prices in the game.

You can catch me running almost any day of the week. I watch for when people need it the most and that's when I start running.

My Prices
From Ascalon City to L.A.(Lion's Arch)- 1.5k
From Yak's Bend to L.A - 1k
From beacon's Perch to L.A. - 500g
From L.A.(Lion's Arch) to Ascalon - 1.5k
Most Mission's 100g with out Bonus. With bonus add - 100g
Boreal Station to Gunnars - 1k
Boreal station to EotN Tower(Eye of the North) -1k
L.A. to Kamadan - 1k
Run all of Ascalon towns - 3k

Thank you all for your continued support of my running.

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