The Santa Interview : The Good Gamer

The Santa interview, can you believe it? I had to call in a ton of favors for this one folks but I got him, not one of his elf's, but the man himself, Santa Clause.
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Way cool huh. Talk about being on your best behavior. Ok I know you all want to get right to this one so here we go.

Santa is his gamer tag sometimes he uses BigS, He is a Toymaker, He is "Much older than you and your parents and grandparents..." had to shorten that answer and is a gamer, and one of the nicest guys you will ever talk to.

OK lets begin:

General Question for the Santa Interview

1) What Online games do you play? and which is your favorite and why?

I play them all I have too, you know I don't want to give a inappropriate game to children. My personal Favorite is any one with elf's in it, and has lots of areas with snow in it.

2) Do you have any tips for gamers or ever gotten any that you would like to share?

Why yes, Be nice to all players, you never know they may one day help you, besides I will know when your being naughty on the games too. my crack team of gamer elf's are helping me on that.

3) What do you think makes a great gamer?

A great gamer is a person who can help others, with out getting upset with noobies that make a silly mistake.

4) Anything you think that is important for a gamer to know?

Yea, Don't ever play online games with reindeer near by they are always telling you go here go there why cant you just fly there. Ohh and don't play in the snow your laptop might short out.

5) What was your best gaming day? and worst?

Best game day was when I beat Stigs our head elf in a 1 vs 1 battle in Dark Ages of Camelot, he is one good gamer.

Worst Day was when Mrs. Clause caught me playing the day before Christmas Eve, just as my hunter of WoW was about to level she unplugged it so I could get some sleep.

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Specific Questions for the Santa Interview:

A) Has Gaming ever effected your job?

Nope, Well when WoW came out I tried to fake being sick so I could stay home and play but the wife caught on and made me go deliver the toys.

B) So do you like your job?

I love my job I'm in charge of the toy production, but the elf's do most of the work, I just deliver them and decide who is being good and who is not.

C) So am I on the good list?

Now I'm not going to tell you that, my favorite thing is surprise. Just so you know I do watch people and the way they game.D) Ok now how can you get around the world in 1 day delivering toys?

It's a trade secret best kept and I will not tell anyone

Sorry have to cut this interview short I see Dancer over there seems I'm needed in the works shop.

With a smile and a wink he told me, "Wish them all a MERRY CHRISTMAS from ME".

Happy Holidays

As Always
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