Running Is Good For Your Health
And Your Wallet.

Running in-game or escorting is usually a fairly easy process, You take another gamer from one town to a town or area he wants to get too. When you do this you normally skip any unnecessary fights and just keep going only fighting if its unavoidable.

Reasons for a player to want a escort are:

  • They don’t know how to get to there destination yet
  • They are to low of a level to get there on their own
  • Cant get into the area on own
  • Just lazy
  • They don’t have speed chant/ magic or a mount

Their are other reasons but the ones listed are the most common.

Should you decide to escort a few things you should consider are:

  • Can you get where the other player wants to go easily?
  • Is it worth your time?
  • Do you have the skills to do the escort?
  • Is it in the direction you are headed already?
  • Can you handle the fact that some players will skip out on you and not pay?

Easy Money

When you decide you are going to do running, let players know up front the cost. Make the cost reasonable for your time, that way you will make good in-game money while giving a valuable service.

Do only Runs you know, and can do successfully. Practice the escort until you get it down, or do it for Tips. Even if you do it for tips you should have a decent success rate so Practice.

Getting paid

I find the easiest way to get paid is charge the full amount up front, or at least a partial amount up front and then the rest when you reach your final destination. Another option is doing most of the escort then at the most difficult part ask for payment before you continue on, if you go this route then make sure you let them know that this is how your going to do it.

The Competition

There may be a lot or no competition, it really depends on the game and time players are on. If you don’t feel you can compete with a player's prices don’t, your time can be better spent farming or just playing the game.

I would like to point out not all games will you be able to do this in. It isn’t practical to do it in some games either , It is up to you to decide if it is or is not.

As always,

Play The Game Your Way


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