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Runes of Magic is a free to play mmorpg...
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that is actually pretty good. It like many free to play games do have their cons and we will get to it, but first lets get to know the game a little better.

The story from what I have gathered is there is some sort of demon invasion happening, Elfs and Humans are once again having to join forces to stop it.

This game has several aspects of other games, like duel class of rift or Guild Wars, However in this game your secondary class has to be leveled up in order for you to get maximum use from it, meaning you can make your secondary your primary for leveling purposes and then switch back. This however is a painful proses, you have to find housemaid to switch between the professions. This duel classing does mean a longer grind and a lot more time playing.

This also gives you greater flexibility on creating a character you will enjoy. Need to point out that not all the skills from the chosen secondary will be available.

How can this be free to play

The game makes its money off of the in game store which like many F2P games gives you extra content, or fancy costumes, items that you can use in the game to make your life easier.

The Professions

This breaks down into 2 races with a total of 8 professions.

Knight - These are heavily armored tanks of the humans (human only) They use the power of light to gain extra power

Priest - The healer of the Humans (Human Only)

Warrior - These are weapon masters, they may not use the heaviest armor, but they do not care just means they can move easier.

Scout - Long range bow wielders, your enemy's will not know what hit them till its to late.

Rogue - While most professions are honorable combatants, the rogue on the other hand is a win at all costs.

Mage - Caster of magic, if you looking for destruction look no further.

Warden - The Elf version of a Knight(elf only) While they can not use the best armor, they do have a few tricks up there sleeves.

Druid - Druids are the Healers for the Elfs (elf only)

The Races of Runes of Magic

Human - Umm do I really have to describe this one?

Elf - Pointed eared humanoid race that likes order, protocol, and rules, they are also arrogant.

Character Creation

The character creation is pretty easy to go through, it uses sliders for body customization, and a color wheel for coloring your characters hair and skin.

Then you chose your race - This affects your starting location.

Choosing your gender - Male or Female so affects what you look like.

Selecting their profession - choose wisely this effects how you will play. Skills, weapons you can use, and the armor you can put on. This will be your primary profession till you can get your secondary.

Naming your character - umm this is what your toon will be called.

Lastly start playing HOORAY!!

Over all this game is pretty good over all for a free to play game.

As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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