Ruins of Surmia
A Rescue Mission

Few basics about Ruins of Surmia (article continues below)

When I speak of bonus I am talking about masters bonus which is harder of the two to get. Bonus's are Masters (hardest), Expert (moderate).

Suggested Hero's and Henchie's to Bring: this will be what I have found most effective, and will take it as you have all the hero's.

General Tips

Set all heros to the shield (defense) that way they do not attack unless they are attacked or you attack. I like to set my healing heros to passive so they don't attack just heal.

Leet Skills to be Captured

None in normal mode

Ruins of Surmia

Hero's Needed for you party- None


Keep Rurik Alive, free the Captives, Lower the drawbridge


The bonus is to defeat Flame keepers at the Flame Temple.

Suggested Hero's and Henchies to Bring

A ritualist, a ncromancer, Healer

-Henchmen-monk, warrior, elementalist

Walk Through for Ruins of Surmia

While this mission is not difficult in any way if you take your time and do not rush their are several things to realize. First it is a escort quest. So there his a time factor in this that normally would not be there. What I mean by this is you need to get ahead of Rurik during his rushing phases.

Few things to note one is Ruirik will rush off, most times he will come back to where the leader, there are a few spots where he does not. So keeping a close eye on Ruirik is important if he falls in battle you have to restart.

Once you reach the drawbridge Ruirik tells you to find a way to lower it. I personally think he just didn't want to get that armor of his wet. He and Erol a prisoner that you set free will wait there till you lower it ( HURRAY!!!).

This is great now you can make this mission a lot easier for your self. What you will want to do is clear out all the char all the way up to the ruined academy. Careful pulling will be needed, but this will save you a lot of frustration, Reason because Ruirik likes to grab aggro on the way to the ruined academy if you don't, sometimes he pulls way to many.

Once you have cleared the way, head back to Ruirik and lower the drawbridge and head back up to the ruined academy. If you cleared out all the Charr then once you enter there will be a cut scene and you will win.

A Guild wars Screen shot of the map for  Ruins of Surmia

Getting The Bonus to Ruins of Surmia

Do the exact same thing as above up to where Ruirik wants you to lower the drawbridge but this time your gonna talk to Breena Stavinson, then your going to follow some Ember Bearers (Charr carrying braziers).

DO NOT defeat these guys just yet. You need to follow them till they open up the gates to where the Flame Keepers are. Once they do that go ahead have your fun. Once your done getting the bonus then continue on with clearing out the charr then lowering the drawbridge.

Tips to Ruins of Surmia

1. Take your time when Ruirik is following you, no need to rush in.

2. When Ruirik is rushing try to get a bit ahead of him if possible and you do the pulling.

3. Leaving Ruirik on the drawbridge makes your life much easier.

4. If you just need the bonus, you can use necro skills (Consume Corpse or Necrotic Traversal) to get into the bonus area. To get all 4 chars there each will need the skill and you will need to have a health degen weapon to kill off the characters that can not port over do to no corpse's, and then have rebirth to rez them to you.

5. Ebon Vanguard Title ( the one with Agent in the name) and their PvE skills you can get from them are very useful here since most of the mobs are Charr.

6. There are 9 bosses possible in this mission 2 warrior, 2 rangers, 2 necros, monk, Mesemer and elementalist. So having a cap sig or two here is advisable if you are working on your skill hunter.

As Always
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