Being A Rouge Is
Being One Of The Unseen

The Rouge is a fighter with many talents but without the armor of a tank. This character is known for there massive first strike, and then the critical attacks that follow. Their combos are devastating but not easily pulled off.

There are normally 2 types.

First type is the tank type. This type acts like a fighter but instead of using a shield in one hand they use 2 weapons. They use quick attacks and attack from the unseen. Many of the games give this character the ability to be invisible, or to teleport to the foe. In many games this is called a assassin

The second type is a bow wilder. This character normally called a ranger or archer use bow and arrows to attack from far away. This allows them to lower the health points (HP) of a opponent before they reach them.

Even though you may not have the best armor as this character type you do more damage than a tank in a short period of time though if a fight goes on your effectiveness drops.

For those who like to take out a quick foe quick this is the character for you.

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