So You Want to be a Raid Leader...

A raid leader or RL for short, is one of the hardest gamers to become. It is they who are highly skilled, charismatic, and tough skinned who become this type of gamer. The RL leads two or more groups through missions ,or areas to Boss mobs that are so high of a level and so hard to defeat, that you need multiple groups to defeat them.

The RL is in charge of the raid, and everyone in the raid needs to listen to what they say, and do as he says if the raid is to be successful. The RL group is normally his closest friends and have a group build made for the raids.

Once the raid is finished and all the boss drops are given to the RL . The RL will Normally pick one or two items from the drops as his reward for leading the raid. The rest of the items will be won through different ways by the many gamers that have participated in the raid.. The most common is rolling virtual dice. The rules to this are made by the RL.

The Common Rules to Win Boss Items
  • Random rolls of virtual dice 1-100 dice
  • You can only win your profession weapons, armor, or items
  • Highest / Lowest roll wins depending on which the RL chose at the beginning of the rolling.
  • Each gamer can only win one item.

Optional Rules
  • Free for all , this means if it drops to you its yours, unless it was the item the RL claimed at the beginning of the raid.
  • Anyone can roll on any item.
  • You may win multiple items until all items are gone.
Most Raid Leaders will claim the item they want at the beginning of the raid, that way all will know what item will not be available to win once the raid is done. Most RL's will run a raid many times, And will claim a different item for each one they run, this allows other players to win items that they may not have been able to win on one of the other raids.

Thanks too all the Raid leaders out their for doing this very difficult job. You all rock!

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