What are PvP Gamers?

PvP Gamers are players that play online games to fight other players. PvP stands for player versus player. Unlike PvE, where you fight mobs that a computer controls, PvP is where players are behind the character you are fighting. Players are harder to predict what they will do, so strategies will be needed.

There are many types of this gamer, so lets meet a few of them.

The Griefer - These pvp gamers as far as I and many other gamers I have talked to and know, consider this player the least skilled and the worst type of player .The reason for this is, they always target the the lowest level they can, or a player they know they can beat every time.I know this sounds like sound strategy and it is, but its not that they do it once or twice. It's that they will hunt down this person to defeat them over and over and over again just to be a jerk, and I'm not talking different days I'm talking same day normally within minutes of each other.

The Adder - No this guy doesn’t do math, what he does is adds on to your fights when you're about to beat your foe. What he is looking for is the easy win. If the fight looks to even he will hide and wait to see how the fight goes. If the numbers are in your foes favor he will run off looking for easier prey. This player is normally a griefer as well, If he cant find a fight to add in on, he will never ask if you need help he will automatically jump into a fight as long as he know its going to be a easy win.

Warning to pvp gamers who do the above: Even though you may get a kick out of this, your name will get out as a griefer/adder and some players such as I and many I know will not have anything to do with you. You will become one of our favorite players to hunt down. What ever moral compass that we use in our normal PvP will be tossed out the window.

The Soloer - These pvp gamers are alone and out looking for a one versus one fight, or even a one versus two fight. He is normally alone, or if he is with other players, they take turns attacking a another solo player, the rest of his group is there to handle people who would try to jump in on the fight. This gamer is about the fight and does not want help. If you run into a one on one fight ask to see if the person wants help. If the odds are uneven you can normally jump in to help , but if the soloer asks you to back off, do so it’s the polite thing to do. If the soloer loses a fight you then have a choice to finish off the guy he was fighting or letting them go. for more on this check out PvP morals.

The Hard Core PvPer - If you ask this guy about PvE his answer is , "What is that?", ok maybe not. What this guy is about is the PvP, they're happiest when out defeating players, especially when he gets in the hard to win fights. He may not like to lose but he enjoys the fight no matter what. The only time he sets foot in the "Icky pve world" (his words not mine), is when they need something like better armor or new weapons.

The Casual PvPer - They like to test their skills against other players, and are looking to have fun. They will go back and forth between pvp and pve not liking one so much more than the other to drop one for the other.

PvP is fun , frustrating, and crazy. Do to this some PvP gamers take it to the extreme and can get mad, rude and very nasty if things don’t go as they think it should.

If you find your self being one STOP pvping, and go do something else, then once you have calmed down you can go try again.

Remember it is a game and it is supposed to be fun, mistakes will happen even by the best players.

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