What type of PvE Gamer are you?

The PvE gamer is just about everyone, at least at first. Some gamers after leveling and getting their gear head off into the world of PvP, and never come back if they can help it.

First what is PvE? PvE stands for Player versus Environment, what this means is its you the gamer versus the mobs and any other thing that can harm you that the game controls.

Since everyone starts off as a PvE gamer, I find it very important to remind everyone that just because you may become a power gamer, or a PvPer, that you are not the end-all-be-all of the game. As such, being mean to a new player to the game is wrong, remember you yourself were once in their spot. I'm sure someone helped you out, so why not pass on that kindness to someone new to the game.

There are may types of PvE gamers, so let's meet a few of them:

The Beggar

One of the most annoying PvE players. They ask for money and gear for free. They don’t want to have to do much of anything in order to get better. The Beggar hangs out where they know players will be and spam in the chats things like: " can anyone give me 50 gold" or "anyone got a good weapon I can have" over and over. They do this because, players who get tired of hearing them, give them the gold or item, at which point they move onto the next town or place were people are and do this again. DO NOT give these players what they are asking for if they spam, it means they are begging and don’t want to try to get it themselves.

The Kill Stealer

I my self Dislike this PvE gamer very strongly. Why you ask ? I'm glad you asked that, the reason is they wait for you to grab the aggro from a mob and get it mostly dead then they destroy it, so they can have the drops that the mob may drop. While gaining some of the experience. This is against some online game rules, and very bad gamer manners. They do this on purpose, they may try to weasel out of it by saying things like: " You looked like you needed help" or "I'm sorry didn’t realize that was your mob" when they knew exactly what they were doing.

Please do realize that sometimes players will accidentally do this and if they notice they have they will apologize and often offer the drop to you. Those that really do jump in to help you will normally ask before they do, or will wait until they see if you are definitely going to lose to the mob before helping.

The Camp Stealer

In games where there are no instants and you share the game areas, these are what we call camps. This is an area where mobs are, that you are wanting to fight for gear or experience. The spot is called a camp it is yours until you leave or are defeated and are not rezed in that spot. Most online games do not acknowledge camps, it is proper gamer manners to leave them alone until that person leaves.

The camp stealer does not care, and will hunt there without asking, often stealing the mobs you are fighting. Their favorite line is " Their are no camps in the game so I can hunt here all I want", but when it happens to them they get super mad.

Warning to Players who do the above: Even though you may get a kick out of this, your name will get out, and many times you will be blacklisted in the gamer community. Which means many gamers will not help you in any way. Raid leaders will not allow you to go on a raid, finding groups will become harder, and many crafter's will not sell to you. If they do, they will up their prices when selling to you.

The Soloer

This Pve gamer likes to hunt alone, They base their skill on how well they can survive in the game against multiple mobs, or how fast they can defeat them. They are amazing to watch, but do not help them out unless you are asked to, or if you ask and they say yes. If you do help them out with out asking, you are going to get a ear full.

The Hard Core PvE Gamer

This Pve gamer is all bout the PvE. If you were to ask him about PvP his response would be "PvP ? Oh that is a new town right? dungeon?" ok maybe not. This gamer likes the stability and predictability of PvE. This gamer has been it all at one time or another, as long as it was dealing with PvE. They will have been a farmer, crafter , power leveler, raid leader, and the list goes on.They can help you do just about anything in the PvE realm of the game, that is if they're not busy.The Casual PvEer

Most players will fall in this category. These are the gamers that get on to play for a couple hours to relax then log off to do real life stuff. They are on the game to have fun, they usually are not worried about being the best or having the best stuff. They will go off and PvP if they feel like it or go on a mission with friends. They do what will be the most fun at the moment for them.

Please remember mistakes can and will happen, even to and by the best players. Its just a game to be enjoyed. Have fun.

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