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The World of Warcraft Priest can be one of many races not every race has the skill to become this type of healer so they really on their allies to provide them. While most of your time may be spent healing there is a darker more chaotic side to healing, with the knowledge to heal you also learn how to inflict pain. This duality of this class is what makes many of the classes not only respect but fear as well.

The Priest

There are 3 talents that this class can pull from.

Discipline (Disc) - This talent line is used to heal and to stop damage from happening while strengthening your buffs. Those who go follow this are often considered tank healers.

Holy - Another healing line though with this one you can heal multiple players at one. Most holy priests are considered Raid healers.

Shadow - There is 2 words connected with this line and they are Agonizing Pain. Shadow priests as they are know pump out damage They have very good damage per second (dps). This is also the easiest line to level up with.

Each of these talents can be pulled from or if you want you can just specialize all in one your choice.

The races you can choose from Are

Alliance - Humans, Dwarfs, Night Elfs, Draenei, Worgons (soon to be in cataclysm), Gnomes (soon to be in cataclysm)

Horde - Trolls, Forsaken, Blood Elfs, Tauren (soon to be in cataclysm), Goblins (soon to be in cataclysm)

The Blood Elf - While many will choose them for they way they look I like them for there racial traits. specially The Arcane Torrent not only does it help keep the mob from casting but it give back mana when you need it.

Arcane Torrent An Area of Effect (AoE) that silences foes around you, also restores some of your mana.

Magic Resistance Spells don't hit you as often.

Draenei - You want heals they got heals with one extra heal from your racial trait and its even a hot you will be one of the best healers around..

Gift of the Naaru A heal over time (HoT) spell that can be used on yourself or others. Having a extra heal is always good.

Heroic Presence Increases the chance to hit for everyone in your party.

Night Elves - As a healer mobs will like to come after you and Night Elves have one of the best ways to lose their attention with Shadowmeld making them one of the easier healers alive.

Shadowmeld which makes you stealth up. Shadowmeld can be used at anytime making most mobs lose interest in you.

Quickness makes you harder to hit by foes.

Forsaken - One of the Horde choice's for a priest.

Will of the Forsaken remove many debilitating effects like sleep or fear.

Cannibalize you regenerate your health faster when you are near humanoid or undead corpses. Great for getting health back with out using up mana or potions.

There are 3 types of Priests

Shadow Is the Damage per Second (Dps) type. The shadow version doesn't not do much healing because they are busy inflicting pain. If you Plan on solo leveling this is they way to go. You will see a Huge difference in leveling once you hit level 30.

Discipline (disc) Just one of the 2 ways too heal. This version of heals (tank healing) is about keeping one target alive tho they do well in a group raids are slightly more problematic. So often they are used to mainly focus on keeping the tank alive.

Holy This version is about healing raids, keeping multiple players alive. You would thing this would make this the better heals for all times the problem here is single targeting is not so good and be a wast of power.

Weapons and Armor

You can wear only Cloth armor. Basically your defenseless you will take massive damage if it and so you want to avoid that at all costs.

Weapons is really a matter of preference.

Daggers - The only sharp cutting weapon you have the skill to use most daggers work well for Dps or Healing..

One handed Mace - A mace is a hammer of sorts used to well shmush a foe. Hammers will be geared to all sorts of classes healing, casting, even melee.

Staves - Basically a 2 handed walking stick that u use to pound things on the head with. Another great weapon for Dps casting and Healing, There are a few Tanking versions but rare and not often used.

Fist Weapon - Think brass knuckles and you get the idea of a fist weapon. These weapons can be for a tanking, healing, dps, and casting.

Wands - A small sick that allows you to cast spells from range without using up power tho not as strong as your normal casting it is handy. Dps and healing are most of the stats these will give out too.

Reasons to Play a Priest

You are highly wanted so its not normally to hard to find a group especially if you heal .

they have great dps in shadow and they have a great way to protect themselves while they do that.

The Bad Side of Being a Priest

Soloing a priest is a real pain in the tail till level 30, even then its really really slow.

Players will want you to heal more often than Dps

TipsLeveling solo is going to be a pain till level 30, so if you can join some friends do so. Priest Leveling Tips

Shadow tree is going to be much easier in allowing you to level a little more quickly because of the damage you will do.

Take your time deciding your race, the racial traits can be very helpful depending on your play style.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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