Priest Leveling Tips to WoW

This priest leveling guide is not going to be like many other guides that say you go here to do this and kill so many of this mob, I find those guides set out a good plan but then you yourself lose part of the fun of the game instead I'm going to offer a few things I discovered that will help you speed up your leveling. What this will do is allow you to level at your skill level and not mine or anyone else's allowing you to enjoy the game so much more.

When I speak about the dungeon finder I am talking about the random grouping system it uses.

Level 1-15

This is your learning stage killing mobs and doing low level quests. At level 10 you start getting talent points I Suggest you put these in holy or disc in your talent tree. While you may want to go to other places, the best place to level is in the starter areas. So i do suggest staying there till 15.

Level 15-65

Please remember this is for a faster leveling putting all your points into healing is going to be very beneficial to you here because you will becomes friends with the Dungeon Finder. Before the Dungeon finder Priest leveling was all done in shadow, because of the dungeon finder you can do dungeons for great exp at a rapid pace.

So to get you in to a dungeon as quickly as possible healing is the way to go. While most of the time you will be getting in groups there are times when you may not be in a group do continue doing quests. There are plenty of easy quests a holy or disc priests can do.

For those of you who decide to go shadow doing quests is going to be faster while using the dungeon finder.

Level 65-80

Time to change things up by now the dungeon finder experience is not going to be anywhere near as good as quests, so time to respec fully into shadow. You may still want to que up for the dungeons but questing is were your priest leveling will be at. By this point you have enough talent points to quickly rip through most mobs quickly, because of how deep you can go in the shadow talent tree. At 68 definitely head to northernend to quest.

At 70 Still do the randoms from the dungeon finder as u can for triumph badges these will be useful for when you hit 80. The gear you can by with them will make getting into raids much easier .

As Always
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