Are You a Power Gamer?
Find out.

A power gamer is a player who has the experience, and the gear, and maybe even the best possible computer for the online game they are playing. They have done it all, leveling, farming, raids, missions, farming and maybe even pvp in the game.

When this gamer logs on the game, they are focused on a goal. Getting a new powerful item, making extra money through farming, completing a mission or defeating a certain number of players in pvp are a few things that they may focus on. They will get it done and no one is gonna stop them

Some gamers consider power gamers to be rude and arrogant show offs, but not all are this way. The ones that are,are a very few. They are just very vocal and I believe very tired.

Are You a Power Gamer?

You might be one if:

  • When you log on to the game you have a goal, and no matter what you are going to get it done.
  • You made sure you have the best in game stuff, and if some new gear comes out that is better you go out to get it right away.
  • You're willing to spend tons of the in-game money on stuff, in order to have the best. You may go as far as buying it from the first person who offers it for sale, instead of looking for it on your own or looking to see if someone else has it cheaper.
  • Your willing to chance account suspension or termination, in order to have the best gear, by buying in-game money or items off line for actual cash. There are some online games that do allow you to purchase in-game money and items for real cash, but most do not.
  • When things go bad in a group, you blame other people even if it is your fault, and leave right after. ( This be one of the bad power players.)
  • Your computer was built to be perfect for the online game your playing.

How to be a Good Power Gamer
  • Focus on a goal, but do not feel as if you have to do it that day, you may want to do it over days or a week. If frustration sets in, stop and come back to it a little later on, or have a simpler second goal that you can do. Its a game and you dont have to do it all now.
  • Make your build with the best possible equipment you can, you do not have to have it all right away. Get the pieces you need as you can while using a lower quality armor. If you have armor that is made for you build and new better armor comes out, relax you can get it over time not everyone is going to have it right away.
  • Learn your character, experience is what makes a Power Player good.
  • Your computer should be good but does not need to be perfect.

Power gamers are not all bad and many are friendly. You may have met one, the guy who gave you a very nice weapon because he no longer needed it, but saw that you could.Perhaps they helped you get through a mission that you have not been able to beat even with friends. Maybe he invited you to join him in a very high level area to help you level up. He may have just gave you some advice that has helped you.

Power gamers help other gamers all the time, with out asking for anything in return normally. Most hope that you will actually pay there kindness forward. If your helped, help another, if you do the game will be much more enjoyable.

Those other ones, you know the rude power players, the loud mouths, blamers, the guy who was arrogant. Do not let him get to you, This player is just tired, frustrated, and stressed out for what ever reason. So when you run into one of these, give a excuse to leave the group if he does not, or just let him mouth off and stay quite he will soon leave.

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