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I realize that polymock is one of the most frustrating parts of the Guild Wars Game. It's found in the Expansion part of the game Known as Guild Wars Eye of the North or GWEN for short.

This game has several pieces that can be won playing the quests for the game or found in dungeons in the chests once you beat the last boss in a dungeon.

the game its self is not hard to play there are 8 skills 3 skills which are unique to each piece and 5 skills that are the same.

There are different levels of each piece as well, white = common. Purple = uncommon (though most of the purples can be gotten playing the game) Purples are a little stronger than white pieces as well in Hit points or magic points. Gold = rare, These are very strong pieces. A total of 18 pieces all together.

The Pieces to the game can be found in the following dungeons:

Raven's Point
Sepulchre of Dragrimmar
Arachni's Haunt
Bloodstone Caves
Vloxen Excavations
Duncan the Black
Bogroot Growths
Heart of the Shiverpeaks
Darkrime Delves
Cathedral of Flames
Rragar's Menagerie
Catacombs of Kathandrax
Oola's Lab
Ooze Pit
Shards of Orr
Frostmaw's Burrows

The Polymock piece drops are very rare.

Playing the Game

Playing is fairly easy you choose your 3 pieces to face your opponents 3 pieces first to defeat all of your opponents pieces wins.

Before continuing on I want to let you know this game can be very frustrating. So I want to pass on a couple tips right now before you start if you can get your hands on a gold piece do so this will make it so much easier. Another thing is using the Keyboard Numbers over the quick bar will make it easier. Last thing stay calm if you panic and rush.

The first 3 skills are your unique and attack skills, skill 4 is a interrupt and 5 is a shield, stopping a attack these make great defensive skills, skill 6 is a way to make sure your strongest spell can not be stopped, skill 7 is a way to regain power when at 0 and can only be used when at 0. Skill 8 increases the damage you do if your at less than 50% health.

There are 2 basic Overall Strategies they are similar in way you play but one is about timing the other involves a little luck.

First Polymock strategy is one I call "Watch and Stop" In this strategy You will keep one hand on the 1,2,3 numbers the mouse on 4 and 5. As soon as the match begins (the count down drops to 0). Your first attack should be one that degens there health or does major damage, the 2nd skill to use is your next hardest damaging skill then spam the first skill.

Ok While doing that you need to watch his spells, when you see a attack you will need to decide to either block or interrupt.

When you run low on energy spam the 1st skill till out, then hit the 7th skill to gain 10 energy and continue. At this point it becomes a bit more difficult.

2nd strategy Is called Spam and Pray.

Everything is the same except for the watching part instead just hit those as they come up between skills with any luck you will block and stop several attacks.

As long as you can win the first fight with enough Health to do some damage to the next piece you will have a good advantage.

Tips:Gold pieces will help greatly they must be different to use more than one for those quests.

If you have a friend that has the gold from the quests ask to use it and when you get to were you get it give back too them.

My suggested pieces to use if you have a gold areScale, gargoyl, and the gold piece till you get fire imp then its.

Gargoyl , Fire Imp, Gold till you get Kappa then its

Fire Imp, Kappa, Gold use this combo till you get the fire Elemental.

Then you will use Fire elemental, Kappa, and Gold. This should be the easiest combo to win.

The set up I suggest is fire first kappa 2nd gold third except on Hoff then its Gold, fire, Kappa.

Just make sure you are never not attacking unless you are gaining power blocking or interrupting.

If you have more golds than one then add that instead of one of the other pieces thus giving you a great advantage in the game.

Good Luck As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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