The Political Game
What Game Were you Playing

The political game to elect the next President is over for now. So what game were you playing when it happened. What were you doing in the game when you heard the news that Obama had won the United States Presidency on Nov, 4, 2008? Just fill out the form below.

I would like to remind all that it was a historic day, Americas 1st African American president. Some People may not have liked him getting it, Others are overjoyed by it. Either way Now is the time to come together and congratulate him.

It is also a Time for hope, and prayer for the new president, like all that have come before him, It is NOW the time to pray for his and our nations safety as he takes office, and that his hand will be guided to what needs to be done and done in the right way. That he may see the path that will lead This great Nation to even greater heights. I do realize That some of you may not agree with him. While others will agree with him. So I will leave this last thought for all.

You DO NOT have to Respect the man, but you DO have to Respect the office.

The Rules for The Political Game form. In order for your submission to be accepted and shown on this page a few rules are to be established.

The Rules

1) No meanness, What I mean by this is if you did not like Obama I don't want to see any cussing about it. Major complaining either. This is not a political site if you want to do any of that go to a political site.

You may not have any respect for the man but always have respect for the office.

2) A submission may be edited, but will still maintain the main point of what is said.

3) Please try to keep it less than 2 paragraphs any longer and it may be edited.

4) All submissions may not make it onto the page for various reasons not mentioned here. So do not get mad if yours does not make it on. Also It may take a day or 2 for your submission to get on please be patent and see.

Quick Thing

I realize you may not been playing a game at this time, So feel free to answer and let us know what you were doing.

Also on Dec 1st I'm closing the submit form for this page removing it so If you want to tell what you were doing do it soon.

Political Game Submission Form

Sorry this page is now closed to submissions.

The Political Game Submissions

Nov 4th 2008 A new president was selected Obama, These are the games and things players were playing or doing when it happened.

Gamer Tag - Mori or Death
Location - California, United States
The game played - Guild Wars

What was being done in the game.
I was Listening to the radio on a talk station waiting to see who was going to win. I was doing a missions in factions. Had a full group of mobs on me when I heard the news got distracted and my character fell in battle.

Luckily I had Good hero's and henchmen and was rezed a few seconds later.
May God lead Obama on the right path for this nation.

Gamer Tag - X
Location - Arizona, United States
The game played - Guild Wars

What was being done in the game.
I was in my Guild Hall making a new build and talking to friends when I heard about our new president, Obama. I was shocked and bummed McCain didn't win.

Gamer Tag - Evl Thanh
Location - CA, United States
The game played - Just finished a level in LBP

What was being done in the game.
I just turned off LBP and switched to TV to watch the turnouts. As soon as I saw the results, I turned off the TV and went to bed.

Gamer Tag - Sin A.K.A. Dmoney
Location - Georgia, United States
The game played - Guild Wars

What was being done in the game.
Alliance Battles.

Gamer Tag - Case
Location - Arizona, United States
The game played - Guild Wars

What was being done in the game.
Doing A Mission.

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