Physics Games
The laws of Nature

What are Physics Games ? They are games in which the laws of nature come into play gravity, momentum and much more. Sometimes you will need to use them to help you other times they will be against you. No matter what happens you will need to use your mind. You will discover that many of the other games use physics too. Have fun.

You will notice a quick review and difficulty ratings to let you know my thoughts on the games themselves (Played them all). So have fun.

To play any of the free online flash games just click the picture of the game (It may take a few seconds for them to load so please be patient) They will open in a new window.

Physics Games

Build The towerYou are building sky scrappers how high can you build yours. Review- This is a quick and fun game drop each piece on top of the next. Difficulty Easy -Moderate

Castle Smasher You work a Catapult slinging stones at a castle. Destroy the whole castle before the guards can stop you. Review - This game is all about angles and the right amount of force. The stone bounces a little to so you need to take that into effect as well. Difficulty Easy - Moderate

Crazy Go Nuts Help the crazy squirrel collect all the nuts by firing him out a cannon. as he collects a nut he will bounce off it, you get higher scores for collecting more nuts in a shot. Review - my favorite part is rapid fire mode when you get to shoot off a ton of these squirrels and watch the bounce around. Difficulty Easy - Moderate

Metro Siberia Can you fly your ship through this game. The controls are simple. 1 button to boost your ship when you do this your ship will fly upwards trick is can you fly it through the city. Review - The graphics are very simple the game though is not Its one of my more favorite games how far can you get?. Difficulty Easy - Hard

Monkey Stack Grab bananas so you can to extend the time limit. Do this by stacking the monkeys before the time runs out or lives reach zero Navigate the parachuting monkey using left or right key then press space to make the monkey release the parachute. Stack up the monkeys so they can grab the bananas! Review-I admit it I like this game one thing to be careful of is the monkeys parachuting are not easy to control. Difficulty Moderate to Uggg

Thinger SlingerIn this free online flash game your a boy blob trying to get to your blob girlfriend you have to bounce your way to her. you shoot your self into walls trying to bounce to her. 10 bounces before you have to try again. Review- One of my favorite games. Its about angles and a bit of luck. Difficulty Easy

Tower BloxxThis one is like build a tower but by far better graphics and has a extra mode where you build a city. Review - This one is funny My favorite part is the little citizens using umbrellas to float into a window or some just climbing to get in the building that's is teetering on the edge of falling over. Difficulty Easy - Moderate

Tumble WaiterYour waiter needs to feed his customer the problem is he isn't to smart and some how got the order on top of things now you need to get rid of the things he standing on while trying to keep the order intact. Review - Love this Physics Game its funny, and addicting one you will play and play. Difficulty Easy - Hard

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